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  1. the swarm have been diligent about defending the area around my home. specifically, i found one member of the swarm and myself taking turns re-capturing the same five-ish territories. in particularly active periods of contention, it became evident that the faction icons being rendered as pins over the bing map did not change with the same immediacy as twitter.com/qonqrcast would broadcast them. as a member of the faceless, i decided that technological warfare was the answer. the following is a console application (written in one night, refactored in another) which will monitor QONQRCAST, and send a text message to your cellphone (via SMS Gateway [alternatively, it can just email you]) when an opposing faction takes over a territory that you are monitoring. additionally, it will send you a text/email reminder every four hours to remind you to harvest your bases. src: http://4oh4.net/archive/watchtower.rar here's the console application that i've been running it from (included in the above-linked solution): static void Main(string[] args) { var trackedStates = new List<string>() { "Missouri" }; var trackedCities = new List<string>() { "City Name", "Another City", "A Third City Name", "Baseville", "Base Point", "Base Circle" }; // http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_SMS_gateways var notifyEmails = new List<string>() { "5555555555@tmomail.net" }; var smtpCredentials = new NetworkCredential() { UserName = "name@domain.com", Password = "Password!*" }; // be sure to set the SMTP host, here. var watcher = new WatchTower( trackedStates, trackedCities, notifyEmails, FactionType.Faceless, "smtp.domain.com", smtpCredentials); watcher.Initialize(); }
  2. Suggestion - Credits from Nodes

    the development team has recently hinted at a great deal of enhancements geared toward the control and management of bases. i doubt a full-on revamp of qredit generation is forthcoming. re: controlling bases being pointless i am level 90, and have 19 available bases. i can not imagine someone wanting to manage more than 19 nodes. certainly, though, if all of my bases were to go unmolested for a long period of time, it would still behoove me lash out at my surrounding opposition. if they are able to keep their territories which they have bases in, then they will grow more powerful. you could call it "Denial of Surplus."
  3. New in Minnesota

    Hey Rollos, Nefarius >:}