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  1. My phone auto-updated my Blue client today. With it now using production servers, can I assume that no further Blue testing clients will be being made? Sorry if this has been discussed earlier, I haven't seen a reference to it but may easily have missed it. I still haven't passed Soupist in the testapi, so want back in.
  2. Copying my post I put on the G+ community for the Android Beta to here, excuse any duplicates: Phone is Samsung S6 Active. Bug: You have a screen where registered is misspelled, you have it as registed. It's on the tip-of-the-day screen for lost password. Preference: In the normal Android app, when launched and you go to the map, it remembers where you were geographically. Would be nice if Blue did the same, so you wouldn’t have to search for the zone your stacking all over again. Preference: I have a hard time determining my zoom level when using the Blue map. The geographical features (major roads, etc.) I use for knowing where I am are just too hard to see. I’ve gone back to the Google Maps output. Fwiw. Bug: I get a lot of “Your Scope Wants To Reset” screens. I cannot do two scopes full of launches without seeing this error at least once and as many as 3 times per my 4 launches (I don’t have any bot tank upgrades yet). Sometimes when I tell it to Abort, it will launch another formation when I hadn’t told it too, sometimes it won’t. It never launches another formation, obviously, when I use Reset. Saw the post about this here. I can agree with the purpose, but it does pop-up too frequently imo. Question: Do we have a way to test the scope upgrades quicker than having to farm the qreds for it the old fashioned way? I only have 7 bases currently, just not as easy to get all 21 within a short period of time. Bug: Only once, bug while the tip-of-the-day was still onscreen and you should see the map underneath it zooming in onto my position, the app crashed and exited. Bug: The “View All” caption on the button to view all dispatches doesn’t fit within the confines of the box. Question: When the app does crash and we’re given the Report or Ok prompt, do you wish us to report the bug? I believe those go to Google and not you but not positive on that. Feature: Maybe it’s due to me sending mail to myself, but I am not receiving a new dispatch notification of any kind. Preference: I would also add that, I realize it's not enabled, but seeing the Relaunch button before I've even seen the launch results is sort of odd. Think it would look better at the bottom instead of above the forthcoming launch results. Thanks.
  3. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    I have a spare Galaxy Note that could use some bot launching abilities. Sign me up.