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  1. Gold Status Incentive?

    I only imagine people spending mass amounts of credits on attacking consistently and feel as though they should be rewarded. If you are not being attacked, you spend less and conserve more. I was thinking it would be a way to help the players that are most active have a little extra so they can continue at the rate of attacking they would like. Depending on the % of the harvesting rate, you could have an intensive to keep people attacking rather than make useless treaties and stale mates due to zones with a high count. It may also give the top 50 players something else to do instead of mindlessly put deflection or absorbers in their zones every time they open the app. (not being mean, as I am the top player in my state) Just thought it would make the game a lot more interesting.
  2. Incentive for Gold Status So I know having a gold ring around your picture is super cool, especially since it shines and stuff for a week and what not... but that is currently all you get for plundering 1mil bots? This game is about taking territory... its basically a giant game of risk... but better. In risk if you control a certain amount of territory, you are rewarded with more troops to place at the beginning of your next turn. I don't think we should get more bots, but what if while having gold status... our bases harvested 50% or even 10% faster or something. It would give "stackers" like myself a (proactive) reason to fight more instead of just sit there and build giant towers. It would also help those who can't stack a boost in money to take on the big boys around them. Harvesting faster would be awesome but it doesn't have to be that specifically.. I just think we should get something more than a gold star Hope I get some comments and opinions from other people who read this and hopefully I'm not alone. I know Silver loves reading these and getting feedback from us all, despite what faction we are apart of.
  3. April Fools?

    super unexpected, gg Silver...
  4. April Fools?

    So my profile picture keeps changing along with everyone elses... I assume it's an April Fools joke but we still have 5 hours till midnight...?
  5. Liking the progress.

    The updates are nice, but all my scope messages were recently deleted. I'm not sure why they had to do that; I liked looking at the messages from way back when. I was even going to use them to write a bit for the fan fiction page... sad day
  6. Announcing QONQR Blue

    I am also interested in when this will come out. Does anyone know a time frame or an estimated month?
  7. How much have you spent on Qonqr?

    Shoot, I've spent at least $250 on this game, and I have no problem with spending more
  8. New Video?

    I have been playing Qonqr for some time now and would love to see a new video on the home page at Qonqr.com. The current video is nice, but it has the 'old map' and 'enter zone battle' looks, along with iPhone 4s or something. I realize that this is something Scott (Silver) has probably had in the back of his mind for a while, and I wanted to see if anyone wanted to comment and give ideas for what he could do in the next one. My suggestion is movement. I know there isn't a lot of movement in Qonqr ~ just a lot of launching and harvesting. But the video could have more of each faction leader doing something else or just more, maybe even add some pics of the comics ~ and of course the new looks to the game Hope to get a lot of responses and that Silver reads them for ideas if he does decide to update the home page video soon.
  9. Qonqr - Space

    even satellite view would be nice lol, or use a really old view for a week in the past thing or something.
  10. Qonqr - Space

    I wouldn't mind having a skin over the world making it Tatooine for a few days or so. Lets qonqr the jedi temple or the Sith baseā€¦ droids start attacking factions making them work together. It would be great!
  11. Faceless Cake

    I approve this cake. Where did you say the BBQ was again? lol
  12. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Anyone is welcome to come! Starts at 4, ends when ever everyone leaves!
  13. Windows 8 Command Center

    The same ideas would be great for the command center as well. They could also implement a state or country wide watch so if you just trying to look at your state you done cut pieces off and have lumps of your neighboring state in your rectangle. You could amend it to have countries to. I believe the more options the game gives you, the more you can do and easier it is to coordinate with others. using GroupMe alone has brightened my whole states gameplay for all factions.
  14. The Faceless Have A Sergeant Major

    May the gods bless you and the devotion you have to our Great Qonquest! You will be rewarded in the end when we are released in the divine beyond!
  15. QONQR assuming control

    'Lets face it' (pun) The legion is probably right with movies like iRobot and Terminator and the only reason they haven't released Qonqr on android is because it's real and android doesn't have the software to protect itself from Qonqr yet. If some how Qonqr could get control of android before they have a firewall then it could mean the end of the world as we know it.