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  1. Oddball Strategy

    I often will fill a zone full of 100k plus diverters!
  2. faceless in texas

    I am located in the college station/Bryan area. But i'm swarm, sorry.
  3. Why not...?

    I joined the swarm because by destroying something we do not truly know we kill a piece of ourselves. And the Faceless are too untrustworthy.
  4. If Qonqr was real...

    You think this is a game?!
  5. New Faceless in Woodway TX

    The Raven is a classic, I also write my own. I'm an amateur poet.
  6. New Faceless in Woodway TX

    The conflict still moves on....
  7. New Faceless in Woodway TX

    Hey there guys, new Faceless in woodway Texas. Thats near Waco. Currently surrounded by one swarmer who has 300 plus zones arround me. I have carved out two zones but my controll is tentative at best. Anyway good evening to you all!