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  1. Launch detail screen (circle) shows miles distance to zone, metric/km shows for formation range and on map view.
  2. Cannot re-initialize location inside of building, inside home is much delayed. Repro: 1. Be outside, get location, launch blue, deploy ordinance 2. Go inside building, preferably an office building that reflects GPS radio signals. 3. Resume blue, deploy ordinance. 4. Invoke crash of blue, re-launch blue, most likely this will keep your last location 5. Reboot phone 6. Launch blue, see error message "cannot determine your location". 7. Launch classic qonqr inside building, deploy ordinance. Classic qonqr finds location without issues. I'm betting this is attached to a new anti-spoofing routine that's not present in classic qonqr.
  3. Scope aggressively wants to reset

    Don't change it, given your reason, it's fine and so is the frequency. I thought it might have to do with layered windows and a scope reset to deal with a memory leak. I didn't mind launch code verification. Made me feel like I was the US president carrying the nuclear football.
  4. Creating bases

    Silver, you misunderstand this --- Let's say Loyal Heights zone hexagon is 1 inch away at map scale level X, but you are in that zone. When you create a base, the base icon is placed at your current precise location, in this case 1 inch at scale X away from the zone hexagon. I like it, but cane54 might not, but that's the issue. See attached screenshot. On the left screen, zone loyal heights is left/west of 24th street. On the right screen, base loyal heights is right/east of 24th street. I prefer this but it might not be what you intended.
  5. Facebook integration blank

    And since you can't access the Windows clipboard, automatic copy and manual paste is a no-go I assume.
  6. Opening to last zone you were in

    So if it crashes and you have to restart, it goes current? _OR_ a phone reboot loses the previous zone? If both of these are true, then here are two possibilities and potential ramifications: 1: Always return to last zone. People can always use map carat to return to local. However, this requires user to know the behavior and in truth most people would probably be frustrated. 2: Add a switch for the above behavior, default to OFF. Better, but now requires a new feature, code, etc. 3: Allow for saving a single bookmark (I think this is what you said above? Nominate a single zone to return to?). I think this would not cause confusion for most players and players that want it would be perfectly happy to manage this. But, also requires new code, probably even more than option 2. Today most players send themselves a message with the relevant zone. Inelegant, but it works. As a player I'd like to see something easier for that purpose that doesn't clog your inbox, but as a developer I get it ...
  7. Consider using the 'satellite' view as the starting point for Qonqr style maps, the blank screen is medium-dark grey. Not sure if that's an option or if using your own maps requires you to call the standard google interface first.
  8. Silver, would it be simpler to dynamically allocate box size? I assume you're not using bitmaps but I could be wrong.
  9. Opening to last zone you were in

    I was thinking something similar, but tabled that when I noticed it always goes back to the last zone attacked, no matter how far away. So, if I attack a local zone, say Loyal Heights, but want to help out in Jovita, it's on me. If I only help out in Jovita, it'll always go back to Jovita, so to me that works as expected. Also, for finding zones the search distance is related the current point on the map, not your current location. This is terrific for finding that one zone where you can find the general area but not the precise zone, and can't recall the precise spelling. Note: "always" means "I think by design", not "it always works", although it seems pretty solid. I'll have to check after crashes.
  10. Blue crashes on re-launch

    Let me know if you want logs. Also, have you tested battery savings by turning off GPS? (Is it worth the effort)? Finally, can you change modes (move from gps to triangulation while in background?) This is probably a stupid idea but if you can leave blue running all the time but minimize the battery loss it might be a lot less code.
  11. Scope aggressively wants to reset

    Not sure how else to describe it ... see attached. Game states "your scope wants to reset"
  12. You can close this one as a duplicate of Soupists report of the same behavior.
  13. OnePlus One, Android 5.1.1 Scope aggressively but occasionally activates the "scope wants to reset, please reset or abort". Aggressively means multiple times within 10 minutes, occasionally means it might not happen for hours, off and on.
  14. Creating bases

    Personally I like that very much, it disconnects the "base" from the "zone".
  15. When using the Scope Overview page and viewing upgrades, user must currently check all upgrade categories to see if upgrades are available yet. The experience could be improved by a flag or color change indicating an available upgrade. (Star, color change, etc.) Flag should be set when user hits level or other requirements, do not filter when user doesn't have required qubes or qredits. NOTE: If the red vs green upgrade button indicates this (i.e. green button means nothing available, red arrows mean something available) then current upgrade screen does not allow for purchase. See two attached screens. Both should be available given the criteria. If blue vs. grey text indicates this, then ignore this bug report or consider also greying out orange "up carat" button next to as-yet unavailable upgrades.