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  1. Today's Cube Exchange Rate is ....

    You might want to consider consulting an economist. At this point there is no player-player trading, so most of the issues seen with in-game currency shouldn't be a problem. Actually, there is really only one problem I've seen with in-game currency: runaway inflation. My guess, though, would be that you could adjust the exchange rate depending on how many people are buying cubes (ie, how many $ each cube is "worth" determined by the market). You could have it fluctuate down if demand is too low (I guess that would mean more Q$ per cube) and back up if demand spikes. I think you'd see inflation reflected as lots of purchasing of cubes One type of inflation you also should be aware of would be the rate at which bases generate Q$, which would also be a way you could tighten the M1 money supply (you have no M2), if harvesting bases dropped in rate (ie, if it becomes less useful to players to harvest bases) then you'd say the currency was losing value. I am NOT an economist. But I find in-game currency fascinating. I also find the pure information trades (please install App X and we will grant you N cubes) to be a genuine information age market. There is profit but neither your action (granting of Qubes) or mine (installing an app) involved any outlay of money. I am however an internet application security engineer. If you ever want to chat I have some suggestions on how you might sniff out multiscopers.
  2. What is your faction/phone OS?

    I use 3 phones (I do _NOT_ multiscope, I'd have three phones anyway, well four once I can settle on a cheap but modern android. iPhone 5 is my primary, my old GSM 4S is running iOS7 (srad!) and I have a Lumia 521 just for laffs.). How is that for Faceless roleplaying? My scope is on the 4S right now. I jump to the Windows phone when I want some eye candy, and I use the 5 if I'm in a meeting, courtroom, etc. BTW I really REALLY like the animations in the Windows phone (although I wish the patterns were more random).