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  1. State of Atlantis

    I voted no for the first one, then yes. There should still be refreshes, but the implementation of qubes should be altered.
  2. Where's OUR developer????

    You definitely have some powerful dev representation somewhere! There is some purple pie in the sky who is vetoing any changes to the ridiculously overpowered and overpopulated faceless brief. So quit your whining.
  3. QONQR black

    ahh, now all the windows phone players can qube without being slowed down by the funky little animation if you thought willie was a menace before, check again!!!
  4. Winning Atlantis

    I too, agree with the above posts. I feel like I only just finished the last epic slug fest and am settling back into the swing of home qonqring when I have to back up and do it all again. Of the two solutions I think just dropping the frequency would be better. The duration is good as it allows for a significant period of time for power swings, changes in alliances and faction rallies which make everything so much more interesting. But I feel doing it every month will have a bit of a burnout factor.
  5. puzzled about experience

    You still can spam all out attacks, the effectiveness of them doesn't decrease, its just the experience which falls - which in the scheme of things isn't all that relevant.
  6. Winning Atlantis

    I don't know whether or not it would be harder, but that is not at all relevant to whether or not it is deserving of +8 achievement points. If we compare everything to the most difficult to acquire achievement then we would also have to nerf the achievement points on 1k ordinance or 10m bot kills. Whats important is the category it gets sorted in, and if they do go ahead with this achievement rather than an alternative it will by no means be the easiest +8 achievement to gain, and is therefore not an irrationally large number of points.
  7. puzzled about experience

    http://qonqr.wikia.com/wiki/Experience It isn't sure on some of the numbers, but this page does a good job of at least explaining whats going on.
  8. Winning Atlantis

    This wouldn't happen to be a double sized tank purchasable with qubes would it? because exciting much! Also, I posted this elsewhere, but I think the achievement for finding atlantis would more appropriately be "Fire into Atlantis before activated" or something along those lines. You could spin it so its either fire before *all* factions or while only your faction has discovered it. This means you are working with your faction, rather than against them for this achievement, which should always be prioritised. also means there is no underhanded efforts to try and control who gets 2nd and 3rd discoveries (because this will primarily be controlled by who 1st tells). Could then scale up for 2nd, 3th and 5th discovery or something, for 2, 4 and 8 points respectively. Also allows for a hidden achievement at 10 (or 15). This achievement system fits a lot better with the flow and style of the game to this point, and ticks better boxes than the original. Just my 2 cents
  9. Maybe if it was faction based that could be cool? +1 the first time you fire into atlantis before any other faction, +2 the next time, +4, +8, +16. What you are suggesting means that with 12 people searching atlantis it will be 5 years before they all get the +16 max award. Provided nothing goes wrong. That is no less than 5x the duration of the entire game. In all honesty, the way the award is currently structured is bad because it isn't scalable. If 10,000 people open the app store and download qonqr tomorrow it will become so much more difficult. actually, maybe that faction idea I just had is a good one. Means you can work as a team rather than racing others from your faction. And it would justify a drop from +8 to +4 or something that the people taking offence to this suggestion are comfortable with. Edit: Yeah... more I think about this the more I like it. It means achievement hunters aren't fighting the odds to get progress on it, and its something you work up to, rather than down from. Also means you have to work with your team and then get the message out, rather than fighting against your team. Definitely worth considering for the devs!
  10. Winning Atlantis

    We aren't suggesting it should be one of the 'hidden' awards (Though a 'The Explorer' or 'The Discoverer' optional title could be really cool) Saying it would take 5 hours is utterly ludicrous. Between slow zone load times, limited map space and the restrictive 'Please Zoom in to see zones' the achievement is anything but a walk in the park. For every other person searching there is a greater chance you won't get there first. The "Kill 10m" achievement (at 1k kills per shot) requires 250 shots a day for 40 days. Doing this isn't too unreasonable, and even if its dropped to 800 (for galvs in zone) its still under 2 months. This means that all you need is 2 people searching and the achievements are balanced. Any more searchers (whom there will likely be) and you could argue its too difficult.
  11. Winning Atlantis

    These discover achievements will be the rarest in the game. In order to get them you need to invest a lot of time, at the right time and get more than a little lucky. This time next year there will only be a max of 12 players (possibly less) with the achievement. This is far, far less than the number of players with 1,000 ordinance or 100% scope, or any of the other +8 achievements. It gives people an incentive to go hunting, and players still can't reach the max rank without getting a couple of the hidden achievements, so I really don't see the issue.
  12. Its a very rare achievement. so far, one person has it, and only one person a month for the rest of qonqr will ever gain this award - and potentially less if it is the same people over again. Because of that I think its worth +8. They have scoured the map to track it down. Its not like every man and his dog is going to get this award. it'll be rarer than the 50m kills, hence it should be valuable
  13. Winning Atlantis

    Some pretty cool ideas. I think I would also like to see a 1-2 point medal for 'Prime Victor' and 'Atlantis Supremacy' Basically, have bots deployed in a faction that holds prime at the end of atlantis, and have bots deployed in an atlantis battle which your team wins. Just something there to show that you have participated in a successful campaign. And also, does getting the 'finding atlantis first' medal also give you the two below it? (and by extension, finding atlantis second gives you the finding it third medal). You could also throw a 'Atlantis Early Bird' medal in, for deploying before either of the two enemy factions have discovered. Either way, everything you bought up sounds like a well balanced, but significant reward
  14. 100% with you on this one thought, if you look at atlantis prime (currently held by legion) the top 15 only has 1 player which isn't either inoculated, or able to be sync-locked with each other. Even more concerning, if you look into the all time atlantis stats, the only Legion which isn't able to be sync locked is "RikyRos" (On 'ya riky). While it works in some situations, it leaves the door open for some game breaking 3m stacking a day multi'ing which is mental.
  15. Sustained Excessive Qubing

    Lluuf, please cease your effort to derail the topic. If you have any input regarding the pros and cons of cubes as they stand, and changes that could be made to improve the overall health of the game, I would love to hear them