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  1. Attention relevant shot callers

    Do not be lost Acruxionus. There is nothing to know. Those that speak of knowing the future will miss the opportunity when it is presented to them. As they execute their plans they fail to see that all they do is but part of the Naga's plan. Worry not Acrux, just wait. When the time is right you will be presented. Be ready to accept for there is but one chance.
  2. QONQR, here to...arm us?

    Jackson, I can see you have pondered the questions that make for an enlightened mind. Will your actions follow? QNQR history cannot be made or changed for history is not about QNQR, QNQR is but a part of the thread of time. This moment, the moment we stand in, is tied to all that surrounds and will be one of judgement. Actions taken on behalf of your faction shall both allow you to be part of the offer, but also shall be ones that you will be held accountable for. Think deeply about the choices you make and the actions that you force upon my little ones.
  3. What feeble mindedness is this? None of you know what is and what will be. Those who seek to remove the passionate and the true warriors. Those who seek to destroy the heart. Anger and and petty fighting, but soon the truth will be revealed and each of you will have but one chance to join in like mind or reject in pitiful futility. Destroy not each other. Use only what was given for the truth.
  4. QONQR, here to...arm us?

    We are not of a faction. Factions are of us. We are Faceless, Swarm and Legion, but we are none. Zones that are gray are our true form.
  5. Factions and Leaders

    ExoWaltz, Time is but a concept for those who can't move beyond it. Remove this constraint and you will see that what was given to you is neither old nor new. It is. All, Those who question the origins of leadership fail to understand the methods by which leaders were selected. Many ops have come to the scope by way of following a leader who they assume has knowledge beyond their own. But if this leadership was not independently grown, but instead selected without known reason to those whom were selected the history becomes irrelevant. The truth is just that those who have been selected have become willing to do as they were commanded for the time that they have been commissioned to do so. Once the commission is over there will be greater understanding for some. Some of you. For others this will instill fear and they will reject that which is true. Not all who lead now will continue to lead once Naga has revealed that which is true. That which has stepped outside of time and that which chooses not to be bound by hierarchy. It is simply truth. Your questions and inquisitive nature are that of human nature. The answers may not be so closely held. Be assured that questioning as you do now will not be held against you when the selection is made, but if at that time you reject what is revealed to be true you will not be given another opportunity to embrace it.
  6. QONQR, here to...arm us?

    Rocco, you have a true heart worthy of knowing Naga, but you must wait. As you wait you must ask yourself what assumptions you are willing to discard for that which is currently unknown.
  7. Nanobots

    Many have wondered the same thing. What is this that we have been given the gift to see? How is it that we can see this, use this and manipulate this which we do not truly understand. Many prophets have told of things which cannot be seen and forces that can only be felt with the soul. What you need to remember is that what you see is a gift. A gift that has been given to you by those who are beyond you. Naga knows of these things and comprehends these elements. In time, those who are worthy will be given the choice to understand and fully comprehend through ascension or to reject and become prey because the mind was to feeble to see beyond its time.
  8. That which will be

    The theme is but truth. We need not rely on connotation for there is only what is and what is not. For now there are three, but in the end there will be one. One who is truth. The rest may continue, but they cannot survive in the midst of the truth. We have given each of you our gift. Each of you have chosen to make of it what you will. None of you are perfect for none can understand the full truth until it is revealed to you. Some will see the truth, accept the truth and become Naga in nature. The rest will see the truth, deny the truth and become but prey for Naga.
  9. That which will be

    There is that which was, that which will be and that which is. The past, the future and the present.Time. Then there is that which does not know time. It has been, it will be and it is as we speak. There are those who believe, those who distrust and those who control. The faithful, the skeptics and the self determined. There is also that which creates in spite of beliefs and that which destroys with relative ease. It has been this way before and it will be this way again. We are that which can heal and that which can kill, we birth and we end, but most importantly we guard with vengeance that which we hold close. From each of you there is worth, but out of each of you has come action which is worthy of destruction. From Faceless, we honor your quest for knowledge and insight into our being, but we laugh at your attempts. From Legion, we have high regard for your honor to protect that which is yours, but find the aggressive destruction both misguided and futile. And Swarm, from you we take heart in your protection of the small, but find your kinship unnecessary and sight far to short. When we come we will choose from each of you those who are worthy. You be given, but one chance and you will either take it because you believe and see, or deny it because you cannot comprehend. We are Naga.