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  1. Earit Looks terrible in red

    Try it dngs. U know u want to.
  2. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    I'm in. Signed up. Always good fun. This is what the game is for. KILL EN ALL!
  3. I'm in. I'm gonna get smoked by other Legion but... I'm in.
  4. Pyongyang: My Atlantis Nomination

    Lol, love the "tongue in cheek".
  5. Oop...where'd they go?

    Everyone plays their own way. I can understand that the desire to come back could possibly be greater having all one's bots lingering. But I for one am not a fan of implosion. It goes against the whole idea of s faction based game. Ppl spent time, $ & effort helping faction mates. It is possible teammates had bases in ur holdings. Or at the very least, ur bots could've provided a safe heaven for visiting teammate's bases who were not as fortunate as u to have such a solid area. As I'm sure ur bots would've stood the test for sometime to come. Not bashing vile or anyone else for their choices but it seems very selfish to me in a game based on team play. Ur faction choice is fitting sir with few exceptions.
  6. Props to East Coast Legion

    And u mmw are a bit far south to see the full extent of what goes on up here. To be fair, the last time u guys attacked the VA beach area I believe u saw quite I turnout. I know, cuz I was one of them. Well, not my region so I'm not sure if it were "the last time" but I'm sure u remember. I certainly remember your igms.
  7. Props to East Coast Legion

    I emailed support to see if we could get some developer feedback on thus idea. We may have to keep track ourselves.
  8. Props to East Coast Legion

    Kick started....
  9. Props to East Coast Legion

    Now that willie sounds like a much better concept for a game within this beloved game then Atlantis. We could compete all while still killing the bots that matter. However, if ur speaking region, it would have to be #s combine from all 3 from one area against another. Excellent idea! We could still do what we do against our opposing factions while nit taking away from what is needed to be done(which is my major problem with Atlantis). I would bank on the n/e( all the way down to VA included) against any region, with confidence. We would need an unbiased statistician to keep track & that would be difficult to find but, I love the idea & think we should get together to make this happen. Agreed?
  10. Props to East Coast Legion

    arcsyn, u miss read my post. I did not criticize anyone. I merely said that mmw pointed out the VAST differences between our 2 factions. U have NVR had trouble with comprehension b4. This pains me to see. Wish u the best agent.
  11. Milestones

    Natural reaction to laying eyes on "Thor". I get that alot.
  12. Props to East Coast Legion

    mmw, ty for pointing out the VAST difference between our 2 factions. While u sit & give warning to ur beleaguered teammates about contact, Legion watches each other's holdings automatically. Without question & without fail. It is common for 6-12 Legion to show up before the local in question is able to defend. This is because We are family. We do our best to take care of one another. Anyone of us would willingly give up our holdings for another without even thinking about it. We are one. We don't sit & wait for our brethren to "ask for help". This is why We are so successfully regardless of swarless. It is a glaring difference between our factions, & a defining one. And Willie, perhaps u should take listen & hear how Legion fixes ur lack of #s problem. Sandreeche placed himself in reach of the target. Beta does it quite often because he I often out of range of target up in Maine. Many Legion do this alot. Selfless acts for the good of Legion. ALL of Legion. Not just those who are in our personal range. Loading up the Legion bus! WE ARE LEGION!
  13. Jumping from purple to RED

    Watch it Macz, u'll have them thinking we're actually humans & not robotic bullies. We are glad to have u aboard!
  14. Milestones

    I think it needs to be said, there's a difference between buying ur rank, or buying ur kills it whatever the case should be. I understand we all play the game to our choosing. & I begrudge no one who $lends. It keeps the game going & is needed. & yes, b4 I get bashed, I've spent too. But very casually. Just saying, in my silly head spending to achieve goals somewhat tarnishes the achievement rather then just day in & day out dedication to the game & faction. Qonqr on peeps!