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  1. Being Effective as a New Player

    This additional information excites me even more so for my new recruits and myself as well, seeing as I'm still yet quite the beginner myself. Thanks for this VERY helpful info sir 8D
  2. Help Please - Recruiter Inquiries

    Is there a section I can read up on this :-]
  3. QONQR, here to...arm us?

    We all are merely pawns in the game of life. Who will be deceived into making the wrong move? Who will allow their mistake to make the history of QNQR?
  4. Help Please - Recruiter Inquiries

    I've searched and cannot find detailed information on recruiter does/don'ts/pros/cons/ necessities or anything of the like. Would you please direct me to the appropriate location?
  5. Pathetic cheating attempt from the Legion in Detroit

    Oh that's just GREAT!!! Thanks for the multiple laughs.
  6. Silver interviewed on Channel 9

    Thanks for sharing this. Pretty cool to see the face and name behind the game/development. It feels even more personal than before I watched the video footage. I'm excited just imagining where this whole thing could end up.
  7. CT legion Apologizes to LonelyWolf.

  8. Pathetic cheating attempt from the Legion in Detroit

    <p>Is that really cheating ⌒.⌒ I'll be honest, I enjoyed the news of this player being rather sneaky and you/your region/your faction flushing this player out. Makes for awesome reading and game play. I'm sure this will go down in the history books of QNQR tactics. Good show! Kudos indeed 8-)
  9. New player - Kingsport, TN.

    Attheleast I shall have someone to pick on that from my current perception is one who plays well with others.
  10. Windows 8 Command Center

    Loving the W8 smooth play. Thanks!
  11. New player - Kingsport, TN.

    Come on! That's not fair, ya tease
  12. New player - Kingsport, TN.

    Looking for players that abide close, to enjoy the game with.