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  1. Buying Zones...

    I guess you buy zones, too? You don't have to be a jerk.
  2. Buying Zones...

    Would definitely help
  3. Buying Zones...

    Is killing QONQR participation in my area. As we speak I'm being bought out of a 200k zone that took me days to build. I pumped new life into QONQR in Oklahoma when I stirred up Que13 (Faceless) and he started taking the game more seriously. My friend and I knocked him down to less than 100k bots total, and now's he's about to crack the top 50 in the country. Then I recruited and recruited and built Legion up to where my recruits have 2 of the top five spots in OK. Number 5 is a turncoat who my nephew recruited (guess who recruited my nephew?) that got tired of not being able to play against Faceless. Now, Faceless spends so much money in my area, people are starting to talk about quitting. We're playing the same game by a different set of rules. I know real $$$ spent on the game is good for the devs, but it's not fun anymore. Why wait to recharge? Just buy cubes! You'll overwhelm you're enemy while they have no chance of responding. In my opinion, it's hurting the game. I've "bought" cubes with MS gift cards to upgrade my scope, and I think that's a great use of cubes. Buying zones? It discourages competitive spirits. Now number 2 Faceless brags "we're older and richer" (whatever that's supposed to mean). I work two jobs so my wife can stay home with our baby, and QONQR is a little something that I can enjoy while doing either job. Used to enjoy. Not whining, just a vent. In my opinion, and I'm not saying this is how the game should work, using cubes should be limited to scope upgrades. Lovin' the Legion, Jag
  4. I QONQR'd Sapulpa, Oklahoma

    Spheres; ha! It took 2 dodecahedrons and several tetrahedrons. That's how Legion rolls!
  5. I QONQR'd Sapulpa, Oklahoma

    What, you don't like my bot tank?
  6. I QONQR'd Sapulpa, Oklahoma

    More QONQRs of Sapulpa. I liked the first one the best.
  7. Hard to see the phone screen... Sorry.
  8. War on a United Front?

    Honestly, I've gotten a warm reception from the Oklahoma and Texas and Missouri legion. We share missiles and work together very well. I'm sure your local legion brotherhood would welcome you with open arms. spread the red, buddy.
  9. Milestones

    You'll never make it. You're playing on iOS.
  10. Trade brand new Nokia 920 for iPhone 5

    Ha! At least we agree on something. I think if I met you in real life, we'd be friends. But for now, mortal enemies.
  11. Trade brand new Nokia 920 for iPhone 5

    No, Que! I don't want you having any more advantage than you already do! Lol. Would hate for you to match my superior technology...
  12. automated acct check

    Finally! Que!!! You don't respond to my taunts. Lol. Glad you have an ally I can pick on now. Just get ready for my wrecking crew. Once our scopes are upgraded Tulsa and New Tulsa and going down!
  13. PLasma beam v GDI Ion Cannon

    My Seekers are actually X-Wings that fly between formations strafing them...
  14. automated acct check

    Well said. Since I posted this, the player has refortified and has been nearly impossible to take down. His scope is almost 100% upgraded, and mine is only 24%. This time around has been much tougher.