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  1. Factions and Leaders

    I have to admit, of all the theories posted after i pulled this analysis, this is the most intriguing. Seeing the three Leaders not as three ope enemies but just three people with a common idea and different approaches is interesting. Also I would usually deny any comment that goes against the canon written until now (as it's canon that QONQR comes from the future) but...this fits so well, it cannot just be ignored. Although this whole argument automatically makes everyone wonder if there is a 4th faction, a shadow one working in a completely different protocol. One thing 100% sure is that if QONQR does not come from the future, it means it's creation spark is human. IA today are still not at the level of self-generation, they can build themselves but create themselves... As for the "Loremaster" joke...it was a joke . As I said, I just like a good lore and RP elements in a good game.
  2. The Undetermined

    Well since bot survivability 5% is like the easiest upgrade to buy, I think the scenario is close to impossible.
  3. Factions and Leaders

    According to the bio Gabrielle Sunday worked in the NSA before this. And for those not actually informed about America, NSA exist. Which means our Sunday was an USA governement agent. Wait, of the Turing task force? This name is mostly interesting, considering is named after Turing, who is practically the REAL LIFE parent of the very concept of artificial intelligence. It sounds indeed strange the team who should dispose of AI is named after their fathers... Mmm, I'll have to think about the meaning of this, but it opens to interesting theories on the Legion. I think there is nothing more to add about the Swarm, so I can concentrate on them.
  4. Anyone else feel this way?

    Look at the positive side, you are supporting the game and you are pushing down enemies!
  5. The Undetermined

    Hard but possible, although the best idea is to use plasma...I forgot Plasma was actually stealth in a sense...
  6. must resist the urge to attack another state

    DO IT!!!! Let them fear the Faceless blinking all over the world!
  7. Outnumbered

    Attack, my dear friend. Instead of putting bots on the defensive, plasma beam on their position and concentrate on one of them, so he will get tired and the other will be a fair 1 vs 1.
  8. The Twitters

    I'm surprised an Hacker like Prometheus as a Twitter account and the Feds don't go closing it...
  9. Needed a fresh image. SohCahToa.

  10. Qonqr News about Attacks

    I believed this post was about the facebook news, there is even another news blog?
  11. >Filename = "Subject 7"

    An AI cannot "Rebel", AI are machines and such they work with a protocol of main objective to accomplish, and all their action go around that main objective. An AI is considered Rogue when he finds a way to act outside the protocol going around the main objective sense and reason. For example an AI that has as main objective " protect human life " may develop the idea that humans has to be protected from themselves. An IA that has as main objective " protect X until X is complete " may delay X competition in order to continue exist and serve, regardless of the damage done to X until X is in good conditions. NO AI CAN POSSIBLY DENY HIS MAIN OBJECTIVE. Although there is a possibility to change it, the AI must first conclude that the protocol require this change. In other words, if the main objecive of Sp3ctr3 is to serve Faceless operatives, the only way he could switch faction is if stopping the Faceless job would be positive for the Faceless operatives. Ironically, this means that the only way Sp3ctr3 can switch is gaining knowledge of what is QONQR.
  12. Nanobots

    I want to give my late thanks here, with this knowledge I managed to finally complete my second Fiction on QONQR.
  13. new facless burninng the swarm

    Let me see a wonderful Viola!
  14. >Run New.Faceless.EXE Location: Minneapolis

    Incoming message... DMercury: Greetings from the Naples Viola, my fellow faceless member. I hope you will soon see to the growth of our territories in order to ease our exploiting and research on QONQR.
  15. <Greeting>

    Incoming message... DMercury: Welcome to the Faceless, Sp3ctr3. I hope to not intrder the function PROMETHEUS gave you asking what is your assigned operation zone.