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  1. Props to East Coast Legion

    Please. I'm not mad. Dover wasn't mine. What did you take from me that I haven't already lost when I was faceless? Its the name of the game. Besides, I made you who you are today. Me switching to Swarm drove you. I was originally faceless. I only went to Legion because I was up against the swarm, basically by myself. Reg, you weren't into the game very much when I was legion so I switched. If I ever switch it will be back to faceless. Sandreeche, it makes me happy to see you spend that money because it means you hate to lose and you will. After Dover you should now have realized that there is nothing in this game that cannot be taken. So enjoy it because it will not last.
  2. Props to East Coast Legion

    Now wait a minute. We all know how this happened. If multi-scoping had not become legal then it would not have fallen. None the less good job sticking it through. Us local swarm stopped playing because the local legion spends way too much money to keep up with and have way too many multi-scoping accounts, but that's the name of the new game now isn't. And yes Reg I know you don't multi-scope, well at least I don't think you do. Sandreeche on the other hand has way too much time on his hands. I hope it has been worth all the cash. How much have you two spent so far?
  3. How much have you spent on Qonqr?

    I forgot about those. Well lets just pretend that no one uses them. Maybe you could just multiply by 900. If you averaged the two it would be 750 but I feel as though missiles are bought way more often then plasma cores
  4. How much have you spent on Qonqr?

    I've thought about this. There is no way to calculate exactly how much someone has spent because of the conversion rate fluctuations. Plus the fact that you can make purchases with cubes and credits messes things up. What you can do is first look and see if they have all upgrades. I dont know what the total value of 100% scope upgrades is but figure atleast 2 million. Now look at the total ordances. The cheapest ordance is the missile so just figure every ordance bought cost atleast 1000 credits. So multiply 1000 by total ordances bought. Then add that number to the 2 million for scope upgrades and that will give you the total credits spent. All you have to do is subtract the total harvest amount to get a rough idea of the amount of credits that were obtained outside of harvesting.
  5. Pay to cheat?

    I feel like it has created a problem. Particularly for me but I guess if it solves more problems then it creates so it works out. Now I just cant compete against someone who has 3 accounts and buys protection for all of them, nothing I can do about it except multiscope myself which just seems wrong and sucks. Who has time for that and I don't want to buy monthly protection. I have spent my share of money in game because I enjoy it but spending money just to protect myself against someone pays to use multiple accounts, where is the fun in that? I wonder if the money coming in from sync lock protection makes up for money lost from people like me
  6. Pay to cheat?

    What is the deal with sync lock protection? I have a multiscoper (suspected but pretty sure) in my area and he just buys sync lock protection for his accounts and continues to multiscope. Why is sync lock protection even an option? Who does it benefit? If it benefits couples/friends who play together and are not cheating why should they have to pay extra to play?
  7. "Zone Cap Weekend" in Pennsylvania -- Apr 12-13, 2014

    Desideratus, Your states are very interesting. You have 50m+ bot kills but only 1.7m harvested resources with 100% scope upgrades. How does that work?
  8. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    Galaxy nexus, xperia x10 mini, htc incredible 1. I don't post much on the forum but I believe my play log could account for something