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  1. Are you kidding me?

    Sounds like a classy guy.
  2. Game Breaking Success

    So, in your situation, here's what you have: 1) You're a new player, you have nothing to lose. You don't have all your bases yet, you don't have a lot of friendlies locally, you're not in the top 10. That means you're free to play as you see fit. 2) There are some (relatively) difficult challenges for players starting this game. There are achievements for getting 10mil bot kills, 1k zone caps, and 50 recruits. Your situation gives you high potential for local bot kills, ability to grab zone caps, and an ability to recruit players to your cause. Established players trying to recruit locally may have a more difficult time recruiting or keeping players under these conditions - particularly if they can't stress team work and the long game. 3) You have a clear goal in mind. This gives you a reason to keep playing the game. Players in a dominant situation are more likely to get bored. If you don't give up and are motivated, you're a far more valuable team mate to your faction. Again, most of this comes down to who you are as a player. And if you ever happen to be the dominant player or faction in your area, remember how you felt when you wrote this. Your agenda may change as you and your faction progress together.
  3. Los Angeles is truly Multi-cultural

    There's something to that...
  4. Loser Egos Going Infinitely On Nothing... Is that what you meant? Spell check is your friend. Looser Egos Going Infinately On Nothing... would be more relevant to faceless players creating qube recruits and trying to spread the word to other "Loosers." This topic seems irrelevant. Any recruiter could share this info with their recruits. Is there a particular reason this needs to be posted?
  5. Are you kidding me?

    Any word on getting the guy booted?
  6. Game Breaking Success

    You can switch to the dominant faction in your area, harvest faster, rank up faster, and join in long range battles. You can stay your current faction, suck it up, and fight. If you want the challenge, you want the challenge. Don't complain. You can change to another faction, that is slightly more powerful within range. Slightly less challenging. Every player is faced with these scenarios. Luckily for you, the game developers have recently made it penalty free to switch before level 100. A lot of it depends on your temperament and whether this is a long term game for you. There are quick rewards, long term rewards, etc. It's all about you, not the players around you. Are you a lone wolf, team player, manipulator, pragmatic, like challenge, etc? Who are you, as a player in your region?
  7. Is It Wrong?

    As long as you do it for good, who cares?
  8. Buying Zones...

    Submitted for your approval: Irony Troll "How much money have you spent on QONQR?" Source: http://community.qon...spent-on-qubes/
  9. QONQR Starting Itself?

  10. So what happens when a faction takes over?

    There are many reasons a player might switch. Trying to simplify it into a statement such as "they gave up" is ridiculous.
  11. CEL Music - CELume1

    I'm not sure which sucks harder... CEL or their soundtrack.
  12. Check your wire messaging option

    Probably related to server issues or issue resolution. On the other hand, my phone disables these whenever my battery gets low. I have to manually turn them back on.
  13. Buying Zones...

  14. New Player From Atlanta, GA (Faceless)

    Only when the last faceless and swarm nanobots are crushed.
  15. I quit.