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  1. New in Austin, TX and...

    It only seems like the legion have an advantage in Austin. The swarm take whatever they want, we just get bored easily so we aren't taking everything at once because we need something to do in the future. You should message Yor or Bregginkrak. They are nice people and will help you get what you want after you level up. You could message me too, but I'm not nice or helpful.
  2. Launch automation cheating?

    This is against the rules and it happens. Three legion in Houston were banned for it awhile back. Its actually relatively easy to catch, just email support@qonqr.com and if they are actually doing it they will be taken care of.
  3. Buying Zones...

    Whatever man! I still like you, even when you've mean to me
  4. Buying Zones...

    Slipstream... It 1.4 million and took about two hours and twenty minutes. Every time you talk about this the zone gets bigger and I cube slower. I told you, specifically, to leave me alone for a week or I would be very unfun. You didn't and I was super lame. Can't we just move on and go back to being friendly enemies?
  5. dallas meetup

    Someone takes themselves entirely too seriously and is awfully presumptuous. The reason you would do something is not the only reason for doing something. Come to Austin, nobody, I always welcome any and all competition even if you're really no competition at all. I also like Rampuppy and I think he would greatly enjoy hosting a meet up in his purple city. I would definitely make sure to invite him and his allies because it just wouldn't be as much fun without them.
  6. dallas meetup

    Yeah, if the rumors are true it is probably best if you keep your appearance to yourself. From what people are saying you are just so attractive that if we, the general public, saw you that you would have to spend all your free time fending off the unwanted advances of men and women alike. I, on the other hand, just have no interest in visiting in Dallas. I think we should have any and all Texas meetups in San Antonio. Rampuppy is an amazing host and just loves company.
  7. Attention Qonqr Agents

    You Yankees are such a joke. I mean, you're a pretty funny joke and I enjoy laughing at you, but you're still a joke.
  8. Buying Zones...

    It wouldn't take a couple of hours or 500 cubes to take down one week of bots. Don't be silly. Look, you can't defend against cubes without using cubes. But if you have superior numbers and time you can continue to force the average cuber to spend money until they are out. This won't work against someone like me who has unlimited time and buys cubes (not unlimited cubes!). If I only relied on cubes I couldn't hold a zone against my awesome opponents, they would break my budget in a couple of days. What I'm trying to say is that tearing a zone down with cubes is cheap, really cheap. Building and defending a beachhead with cubes actually really expensive, especially if you have active resistance and a windows phone. Its actually reasonably balanced because the game without cubes is balanced heavily in favor of defense so having cubes balanced towards offense makes a lot of sense.
  9. Player Tribunal?

    I've never cared for players judging other players. I don't really like it in LoL, but I don't really care about LoL and I never do anything that would get me in trouble. I've always thought it was better to have people who are held accountable in some way making decisions about who gets to play a game or not.
  10. Pay To Win

    I am seriously offended that you would insult my amazing Austin legion. You haven't played against them. If you were not swarm I would invite you to come to Austin and try to attack any of my zones with six of your friends. You won't get very far, even if I'm the only one defending. You certainly won't do half as well as my wonderful enemies do. I think you just build your zones poorly, or perhaps you are only moderately active, I can't imagine losing that many bots that quickly against only six people. Stop building your zones with nothing but seekers and shockwaves then come back insult people who are better than you (I'm still talking about the Austin legion, they are better than you).
  11. MandoJedi got himself caught

    Wait he was talking about you? I couldn't understand his message at all because it was so terribly written. I think my attempt at reading it actually caused some moderate damage to my understanding of the English language.
  12. MandoJedi got himself caught

    Hahaha! Yeah Silver, why are you trolling this guy? You aren't even special, its not like you created or run the game or anything. Someone ought to report this Silver guy to the devs for uh I'm not really sure. I know I shouldn't keep responding to this guy but my god he's hilarious.
  13. MandoJedi got himself caught

    Oops, I posted that under the wrong account. My bad.
  14. Pay To Win

    Tiomun: I did not use cubes during several attacks, I have used cubes in others. When I did not use cubes I mean that I did not use any refresh or recharge and did not exchange for q. Of course all of the zones in talking about have over a million bots and are properly built. I lost few enough of my bots that they were always rebuilt overnight. The Austin legion are the best in the game, if they couldn't take out more than that then no one could. I believe the current balance leads to more cube sales and I don't see that being changed. I have no problem with that either. Silver deserves to make money off this game.
  15. MandoJedi got himself caught

    Oh my god. These Oklahoma guys would be hilarious if they weren't so awful. I coordinate my launches with my allies all the time. Its pretty basic strategy. I can also lie on the forums or in the wire. Here, I'll lie right now... Slipstream is a my second account, I enjoy posting arguments with myself on the forums to mess with people. Does saying that make it true? Does saying it in the hopes of making some idiot angry mean I should be banned? I would guess that someone is taking advantage of your fairly obvious limitations. I trust Silver's investigation far more than you because your constant unreadable rants have not given me a high opinion of you.