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  1. Join LEGION. Fight QONQR. Save the WORLD.

    I concur. We would enjoy the collaboration to spread the red.
  2. How can we find out what Faction is winning

    For the record, that is a pure coverage winning stats. It does not take into account active players or time spent per faction. I still would love a way to see the total active (higher than level 50 who took any kind of action in the last two days) operatives per faction.
  3. Attention Qonqr Agents

    For the record, this is how World War II started...
  4. Attention Qonqr Agents

    I'd gladly take CEL over this 5th Column bull-**** any day.
  5. Attention Qonqr Agents

    To be honest, with how the 4th is laid out, their goals and ideals, the only thing it tells me is this: "We're non-players who reject this notion of game story to play a game we enjoy, but are instead imposing our own house rules. We'll use the rules against the players, and those who we feel have erred, whether validly proven or not. We are the players who don't give a rats hind-quarters about those that play within the game, and we'll gladly turn our focus around as we please. We'll gladly throw around our merc members, and cheat and lie to get our way. We want to be open about who we are, but not before we are too well organized for anyone to oppose us in any way. If you don't agree with us, we'll continue to lie and cheat to destroy your reputation publicly: even going so far as to call you racist. We can't let you compete. We can't let you succeed. Let's all go play some no-winner soccer." Grow a pair.
  6. Player Tribunal?

    If it helps improve the game, I think it is worth a test run.
  7. Wonderful additions, Silver! Now if you could allow the end user to opt out of the profanity filter please?
  8. new players look here.

    If you found the game on your own, please reserve giving your recruiter cube bonus for being your recruiter to a player that is active near you or helpful to you. If you are just feeling lazy, or want to thank the creator of this game, list Silver as your recruiter. He does not get to play as much as he would like to.
  9. Happy Birthday Silver!!

    Congratulations, Silver, on surviving another celestial voyage as a terrestrial astronaut!
  10. bases not producing qredits

    This thread should be in bugs.
  11. Where has Silver Been?

    That you can code this game, and still find time and enjoyment in playing it. d^_^b
  12. Reasons behind faction logos

    Well we know where Lulz mind is. Bartender, Two tequilas for the lady!
  13. Scope Overheating Issues

    With the current issues of impending Android release, portal.qonqr.com development, and the rapidly expanding player base, there are going to be issues. Take it with a grain of salt, and know they are working on it. Silver is as active as he can be to let us know where the game stands. It is going to take some time, so hold down the fort and light a PC screen for the devs, as they are probably up pretty late working on this.
  14. I'm new to the Legion in Kerrville, TX.

    Welcome to QONQR!
  15. Map's Zones

    Lulz, I love your sig!