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  1. Yes, the potential of humans who take advantage of it is great, but an artificial intelligence can't do much without being able to effect things on our physical plane of being.
  2. Hello...

    Sounds good, let me know if you ever need help capturing a zone or something.
  3. automated acct check

    He most likely doesn't know that shockwaves are horrible for defending zones.
  4. Hello...

    I'm expecting to see a kaleidoscope in New York when that happens.
  5. I don't even have enough credits for one missle yet. It probably just takes forever when you're a low level without buying cubes due to the lower number of max bases.
  6. Post your total kills

    I've only got 60,000 kills in the short time I've been playing, but that's probably because I've been defending more than attacking.
  7. Reasons behind faction logos

    The Legion's shield is probably just a literal "defenders" metaphor showing their objective to protect humanity from all perceived threats. The swarms infinity symbolizes their desire to grow and evolve without limitations.
  8. Criminal Behavior Pushed Me To Quit

    This is something that should have been reported to the staff immediately. We don't want people behaving such a way in this community. Not only does it make everyone else here look bad, it also gives other people the idea that they can commit such acts and get away with it.
  9. Hello...

    Thanks for the offer but I'm not down with their whole "better safe than sorry" motif.
  10. New Faction Switching Rules

    This will be useful for the people like me who are surrounded by enemy factions with no allies close to them needing to get started. I like my current faction though so I'll just have to deal.
  11. free cubes!

    How would you go about linking completed web based offers to peoples ingame accounts. ID code confirmations via email?
  12. Hello...

    I updated my profile with an introductory bio page. It's rather lengthy so I didn't want it to die with this thread. Feel free to check it out if you want.
  13. Prometheus Mask

    You plan on selling any of these?
  14. Cheaters out of nowhere...

    Some people named "Flower" and "Miggs" owned it before. They took it back when I woke up so I had to reclaim it. I expected a lot more retaliation though since I'm literally surrounded by swarm zones but I guess most of them are held by inactives. I'm just interested in holding this place since it's basically right on top of my house.
  15. Cheaters out of nowhere...

    I hope no one thinks I'm a cheater since I just joined up and took out a 30k+ base in a few hours by myself. Just camping out trying to establish my home zone.