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  1. Update 1.17 Ads for free players

    I like the update as the pinned to start issue was one I was hoping would get solved. Anyway, in truly Legion style, I've checked the paperwork and found the spelling mistake: 'Hide Avertisments' needs a 'd' in it... Trust an Englishman to sort the spelling out!
  2. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    Now 18,434,378. Mostly in bot build at the mo although London is an interesting target... ;-)
  3. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

  4. Global Leaderboard Top 50 stats!

    Leicester is a great example. Legion were swamped by Swarm throughout Leicestershire since January. Kilgourt and I fought them to a standstill just South of the city centre but it was taking 20 hour days of deployment to hold the tide back. There were randomn new swarm ops appearing daily. In July we beachheaded Leicester city centre against 9 swarm ops. Swarm because they were 'winning' weren't patrolling their zones properly and didn't spot the beachhead early enough. Legion managed to wrest control of the city through a final mass attack supported by missile attacks from accross the country. Then Swarm disappeared. At the moment only HB is still in operation in the North of Leicestershire. Lots of swarm ops dissapeared at the same moment in time..... was quite suspicious. I for one would love to know what happened. But... the constant trench battles has taught us how to fight better, how to communicate better and how national support can achieve large results very quickly. Watch out leaderboard, here we come!!!
  5. Automatic Access to Faction Forums

    Ok. I'm back in! Thanks Silver! For everyone else having a problem, you need to have a matching forum login name to your game login. Doesn't look like display name has an effect. Only way I can see to change this is through the support@qonqr.com email.
  6. Automatic Access to Faction Forums

    Ok, my faction name is Autumn_Pillar and my display name on the community board is Autumn_Pillar... No access to the faction forum anymore... What am I missing? Do I have to create a new log in too?
  7. Double zones - Guide?

    There is also the issue of some zones that seem to move. Argent will recognise Ketteringham which moves between Norfolk and Leicestershire seemingly on it's own timetable. This matches the Norfolk sense of humour...Wierdly, if you Google Ketteringham, it puts it in the centre of Whetstone. Was that one of the open sources perhaps? Ditto Sprowstone and Bagworth except with a lack of humour! I'm less worried about zones that seem to stack on top of each other. If we had a simple search function that worked along the same lines as the operator search, then you could find the 'bottom' zones that way. Only works if you know the name of the zone. Or take a lesson from property search websites that group and list closely matched properties together. If the merge zones plan becomes a goer, then I think the intern route sounds labour intensive and soul destroying. There must be a neat technical solution in there, somewhere!
  8. Guys, lots of negative comments here. Lets calm it down!!! As one of the 10, I just want to let you know my tactics and thinking. There is a large number of Swarm operating from Nottingham down to Leicester. Argent, Harry ****, Cameomander, Shads, Stx, Tommo. List is a bit endless... Attacks come in 24hrs a day. It's fun. You get to see if you can hold your own in open zone exchange battles, sneak beachhead attacks, long range sniping, etc. I did message you a few weeks back to see if you would switch. You have the range to be able to support the battles in the Coalville, Leicester areas, etc. I hope you took the message politely. It was meant that way. Here's the but... You have been regularly taking zones in my rear area and have dropped some bots on one of my bases. That's how close you have been coming. I have to defend against that! It's also meant that I've lost zones around Coalville simply because of defending 2 fronts. So here are my tactics to deal with this.. I push you back but don't deploy too many bots. I've also gone on a zone hunt for yours and Horrapunks zones to provide a distraction....this then gives me breathing space to go North and battle the swarm. The tactic had been working so far but not providing any major advances. in terms of zones, I have alot less, but my bot count is up. Tactics going forward... I have to keep that to myself for the moment. The offer to come join us is still open. We have a Legion Facebook page in development and are building better ways to communicate. It would be good to see an active player like you come across to us. If not, then you do need to try and get more allies working with you. The game doesn't allow a large deployment of bots so the only way to really progress is to have more players working alongside you.
  9. Helping New Players

    Just a suggestion for discussion: I play in the Midlands, in the UK. There is quite a high concentration of big players here. Whenever a new player starts, they get hammered within a few days and disappear for ever! This is even with the startup bonuses. Let be clear about this, Qonqr LLC is still a young business and needs the cash flow to keep going. New revenues will always come from new players liking the game and buying a few cubes. On the other hand, you don't want to give a big advantage to new players purely to keep them going long enough to spend some money... Not a nice thought. So how do you give new players a better chance whilst not giving them something older players don't get? My suggestion is to go back to the basic concept of the game. This game is based on geolocation. So why not associate a big bonus to that? This could be offensive as much as defensive. So, how about adding a 100% attack / defense bonus to the zone you are currently in? This would make it easier for new players to establish a defense but also allow bigger players the opportunity to go to big zones in the real world and cause some chaos. In game story terms, this is the mobile operative running around the zone with a yard brush/flame thrower/microwave cooker based gun to defend his home... Or the big operative launching a real world strike on an established, implacable foe... All comments welcome! Finally, thumbs up to the developers!