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  1. New Faceless in an OP Swarm town

    Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do until you level up to a point where you can range out of your home area. Eventually you can reach as far away as ~400 miles/~640 km with ordinance, ~25 miles/~40 km with effective local bots. Attack launches will level you up faster, and don't bother launching any bots that require ordinance until you hit the 100 level cap. While you are leveling, reach out to any Faceless in the area(~400 miles or less away) and they can help support you. Bribe them with beer. Unfortunately, you've spawned in the middle of the lion's den for Swarm in that area. That zone is probably still in the top 10 stacked zones in the world. I suggest reaching out to the local bigwigs and see if they can make an accommodation for other zones, but I doubt they are going to give up that zone very willingly.
  2. Pyongyang: My Atlantis Nomination

    I'm sure they have a lake or two.
  3. Props to East Coast Legion

    I feel old having to explain this joke: Baghdad Bob/Comical Ali
  4. Props to East Coast Legion

    Faltering forces of infidels cannot just enter a zone of 31 million bots and lay besiege to them! They are the ones who will find themselves under siege. Therefore, in reality whatever this miserable Earit has been saying, he was talking about his own forces. Now even the Legion command is under siege.
  5. Anyone miss me?

    Nope, I still hit you whenever I want to.
  6. Hey all. New at SWARM

    Just keep plugging away and leveling, making friends with nearby Swarm along the way. The key to this game is being social. Once you reach max level and start to get a few significant upgrades, life becomes a lot easier.
  7. No, getting MoH IS luck. Just terrible luck, congressional politics and the only thing the recipient can control is the heroic actions in the moment (and they often die because of it). 99% of the military will never have a chance to get one (thankfully! It's a combat medal exclusively now), and it's just that a very small percentage of those that rise to the occasion when it presents itself. It's not a reward someone wants to get, since it's bad luck to get one.
  8. Holy ****! There is an achievement based on LUCK?!?!? The sky is FALLING! Seriously, every other reward is simply persistence. While admirable, even the military (what the ranks are loosely based on) promotes occasionally via luck. Or think of it like a "luck" based medal like the Medal of Honor. One reward that can happen AT MOST 12 times a year isn't that big a deal. 99% of the players won't have a prayer of getting it. You know what? I actually advocate that it should be higher. There are 30+ known rewards for persistence and only one luck based, so it should be at minimum, 16 pts. Cry somewhere else.
  9. Most Active Zone in the World 07/05/2014

    Yeah, was a lame cultural joke. Also:
  10. Or a small spender that's played a while. I think it's $100 to get Elite? I know a few people who budget $10-20 a month for Qonqr, which isn't exactly breaking the bank, but would take about half a year to a year to get there.
  11. Most Active Zone in the World 07/05/2014

    Holy ****, you're from the future?!?!?! /'Murican joke
  12. New Feature - Sync Lock

    Is this real? Late for April Fool's ... If so, towers just became irrelevant.
  13. What happened to Strategy in Qonqr

    LOL, I had the same reaction. "Mongolia is land locked I thought ..." Though that actually makes her point a lot stronger, now that I think about it.
  14. Are large towers still relevant

    Based on some of the towers that have publicly gone down, there doesn't need to be game changes for the idea of eternal towers to be very suspect. Offense rules in this game, as it should be. There isn't defensive bot with a 400 mile radius. Yeah, well timed missiles can slow a coordinated offensive, but if cubes and number of players are equal, a defense is toast. Offense just needs some patience.
  15. And this is exactly my point. The worst weapons we've created are so horrible, the thought of using them has (relatively!) calmed the world down a bit. And that's the poster child for technology gone wrong? There are literally millions of examples of other technological breakthroughs that do nothing but improve mankind's existence. The fear of the QONQR AI is irrational in the face of overwhelming evidence for the better, and even the worst examples of technology ultimately and perversely still help humankind.