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  1. German Translation / Deutsche Übersetzung

    well, isnt it possible to set the systemlanguage to English and then u will me prompted to english app store? Not sure tbh...
  2. taking volunteers

    Yea, gimme a name
  3. Anyone willing to take a stab at flash creative?

    doesnt shows up here :/ w7 machine
  4. Today's Cube Exchange Rate is ....

    Ok, now I exchanged 1 cube and instead of getting 2k qredits I got 3k and after the purchase the display changed to 3k now...
  5. Windows 8 Command Center

    <p>U checked ur firewall to let the cc connect to the internet?p>
  6. Today's Cube Exchange Rate is ....

    Hmmm lumia 820 wp8 here... Still no update
  7. Today's Cube Exchange Rate is ....

    Hmmm still 2k here...
  8. Today's Cube Exchange Rate is ....

    Stuck on 2k qredits since several days... Normal?
  9. German Translation / Deutsche Übersetzung

    Schnittstelle... Da würd ich es fast bei scope lassen
  10. German Translation / Deutsche Übersetzung

    hmm mit was sollte man am besten "Scope" übersetzen? Sucher?
  11. German Translation / Deutsche Übersetzung

    Hier mal ein kleiner Beitrag, in grün markiert. Kann aber gerne auch noch bei nichtgefallen geändert werden qonqr-german.xlsx
  12. Windows 8 Command Center

    Hi there, im not sure, but isnt the App updating when it is in the background? regards.
  13. Windows 8 Command Center

    wow, buying a tablet just for 1 game is ... a nice compliment to the devs
  14. What is your faction/phone OS?

    Swarm on my Lumia 820. never had a better phone! i luv wp8