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  1. Just had a cool idea. I personally like the idea of a cool API, but I'm just another geek. How about having an in-game activity indicator for each zone? Attacks and deployments below a certain level do not show up, giving opportunity for clandestine ops (with the right amount of coordination of the invading faction). After the low threshold, zone activity is indicated, much like the overheat indicator we have today. A good covert threshold would be some thing like 25k bots deployed per hour.
  2. I'm guessing it's just me, but I think this game needs more chaos. I *just* made the top 50 in my state (since non-top-50 players are no longer listed). If every Qonqr zone was reset to 0 bots due to server error, I would DELIERIOUSLY happy. Features I'd like to see typically incorporate some degree of chaos to them (floating zones rather than anchored zones, a fourth roaming chaotic AI faction that randomly attacks/defends zones, temporary zones for king-of-the-hill matches, zones with capped bot limits that beg for battles, and so forth). In fact, Qonqr makes much more fun to travel, as I get to be a chaotic agent. Plus, I'm much more inclined now to seek out visiting players to plug them in and let them stir things up a bit. I guess this is also why I never want to see my faction completely dominate any large area. I would jump faction in a heartbeat if that happened. Go chaos! (In my games anyway...) (and I can't resist, if you don't like chaos: check out Go - it's chess++).
  3. I am. We are. Legion! (new in Seattle)

    Welcome! Note that right now Legion and Faceless are in truce (we've been renewing it once a month) to help tidy up all the Swarm residue in the city. Note that Swarm or Faceless might try to recruit you away from Legion since Legion is so underrepresented in Seattle, but I'd encourage you to stick it out for at least a while. I just went through Connecticut, which is pretty much a single-faction wasteland, and I was glad to be back home with a good dynamic battle scene. By now, I'm assuming that you've already contacted the main Legion honchos so you cat get better coordinated. Looking forward to working with you!
  4. 4 decent players up for grabs!

    Maybe it's just me, but I'd pick the weakest faction in the area and start taking names... I might join the middle faction, but I would never want to join the strongest. Some areas are single-faction wastelands of unending boredom and chest-thumping. I joined Faceless by chance in Seattle, and it turned out to be a great choice because I had enough local bases I could drive to and establish myself, but with lots of Swarm-dominated areas nearby to plan assaults and defenses. Currently, Legion is almost a non-presence around Seattle. If I had to join again (with experience), I would be very tempted to join Legion and see if I could form a beachhead. In fact, right now Faceless is beginning to dominate a bit too much for my liking, but at least it's only in some areas.
  5. I won't say too much defending the existing Qonqr crew, because you either understand the madness of rapid development plus service readiness (and from what I've seen, it's not a career, it's practically a lifestyle) or you don't. That said, there's another aspect to the game that I feel like people should be embracing rather than trying to work around. Qonqr is a game that is at base ephemeral. There is no end state, no victory condition. If you choose to pour money and/or time into this game, then you should understand that it is at best a temporary influence. You capture a zone, but you can never claim it. You can reach number one in a leaderboard, but you will eventually fall. Much of the backstory behind this very simple game is merely to construct a story that offers additional, compelling experience. In this vein, I say we should just enjoy this chaos as another aspect of a continuing, non-ending experience. As in real life, some will capitalize on this experience, and some will suffer. Randomly. Like life. While the Qonqr team is giving up family dinners and birthday celebrations in order to serve you, I recommend that we bend and adapt. Personally, I welcome a bit of chaos into the game.
  6. Attention relevant shot callers

    Phase 4, movement 6, variation B begins at 5:00 EDT. Stand shoulder to shoulder, twine your legs, and join in the lipless moo. Zargon watches!
  7. QONQR to be featured on Windows Phone

    I see it as a featured game in the Windows marketplace today (July 27).
  8. battle simulation

  9. I can remain silent no longer...

    All members of Faceless get donuts on Friday mornings. So ... there's that.
  10. Bullies

    It seems to me that every new player is a resource to be farmed and sheltered. How is it that one faction obliterated a low-ranking player without the faction members rising up to respond with volleys of bot love? To me, this is part of the game; it's up to the faction to shelter their weaker players and guide them into high-level assets. Hoping that the *other* guys will shelter your novice mates seems backwards to me.
  11. New Faction Switching Rules

    As a new player (something like 3 weeks in), I believe that there are subtleties to faction selection that aren't clear at first to the new player. Simply allying with strength guarantees a rather dull experience, and becoming the hopeless underdog is also a bleak way to start. I picked faceless purely as a knee-jerk reaction (I'm east of Seattle), but in retrospect, I couldn't have picked a better faction for that region. I have enough bases nearby that I can establish all within faction control (with a bit of driving), but I'm very close to heated battles for control, which makes the game quite wonderfully complex and interesting. In fact, if I was to guide a friend into the game, I'd certainly try to recruit for my faction, but failing that, would direct them to join the Legion, since they're underrepresented in our region. Losing everything I have to join a new faction feels like a good trade-off for better placement in the game. All in all, I like F3NROARs suggestions (I don't care at all about my rank, unless that impacts game mechanics in some way.)
  12. Attention multiscopers

    ... "Do we even know Prometheus is human?" Now *that's* an awesome story point.
  13. Command Wire?

    I can't find any guidance for Command Wire (Windows Phone). What is this?
  14. What happens when a zone is as-yet undiscovered? Given where I live (Redmond WA), I'm guessing that every available zone has a base. What about remote areas? Do bases show up as grey or something? Also, what are the zones based on? Real estate zones? I'm assuming that it's from some public domain map data (Bing maps, isn't it?). Are zones roughly based on population?
  15. Self-answering with some of what I've found out. [3] Some players have suggested that XP awards are based on clock time; lots at time T, then decreasing after that. Time T is around 5:00 PST. [4] You may only create a single base in any given zone. If you're prevented from creating a base somewhere, then you probably already have a base in that zone. [5] Harvest all bases, then remove whatever base you want. You'll get a 1 base credit you can use to create a new base elsewhere. [6] The strategy guide is here: http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?/topic/1191-the-official-qonqr-strategy-guide/.