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    Michigan, USA
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    Enjoying the time spent university here on Michigan for to make my education and learn new people at campus. Other times I am enjoy hill walking, interpreting and practice music, smoke plants (HAHA), dating off women, learn computering, cook in house, and QONQR.

    Former Gendarmerie officer in Logistic where learned military and serving the country and manage goats because from my youth years doing on farm for experience for extra salary. Hate the goat farming on and money is the low pay so to need changes made in my outlook. Next, travel to Scotland for interest. Scotland nice, love time off there but not work much until the money is empty. Lot of friends still over there to original. Wanted on more knowledge for the job with good money. Acceptance gained at USA for university in the state of Michigan.

    Future plan to travel off more countries after earn the money, learn more language (Japanese current trying) for help with travel actions, learn more people to enjoy, and engage on the activities local to the places. Also preference to get more body muscular similar to youth as too much at computer makes fat (HAHA) and woman likes off the stronger man.
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  1. What's Your Strategy?

    "Join the dominant faction" WRANG! For my play experience in the least. I joined on the weak faction, worked off my bottom (to avoiding censorship), recruit, and became the dominant faction. Start the revolution against oppressive kingdoms! Much more for fun if you preference making your own statement.
  2. What's Your Strategy?

    Fighting off hard against the opponent to make the zone colors as my faction growth. Team game requires the team score to judge the success or failure rate of the faction. QONQR pie-chart showing off which faction owns the percentage of country and state. One player can stack off 100k million bots to be leaderboard king but only in one zone, which means the team is failed. Also to not have all players join the winning side in an area. Local compete is the best game play but looking on the qommnd map you all see just big section of one faction. My areas has to become way too many Legion and now we talk off about switching faction after the big towers can become destroyed.
  3. New Legion color

    Zone cap idea is the interesting, but I preference making Strengthener deployments stop working off in the big zones like the LATTICE deployments are doing now. 80k credits can be spent off inside one zone to double 1 million shield points to 2 million shield points. Put into a limit on that so to have needing 8 strengthener per 500k nanobots for a zone as my example for quick math. 10 million bots? Okay, but need to purchase 1600k worth strengthener to double shield to make effective. Today only one real strategic play. Get 8 strengthener in zone and stack to content level. Do so in the next zone. Attacking is such weak as Booster can die very quickly to plasma raging so as to never really counter the benefit gained from strengthener in the same zone. Alternatively, make Strengthener only do 8% boned shields instead of the 12.5% today and make Booster 15% for example. Need more attack strength, or need cost increase to make tower.
  4. Sync lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

    Sync lock is not perfect to be truth. However, in the area I experience it results to two very well known cheat players with almost ten account quit off the game. Good positive outcome because they also rude on players to the effect of causing other players to be led to go and find another game because of the words and this is many of their own faction too. Improvement to keep on the good players and make the bad players quit off for sync lock are needed today but I enjoy the future where I believe it will be better sync lock features. Wait for the time and do the best to experience the game today even with the not perfect sync lock.
  5. Hot off the Presses....from the Desk of PF

    Happy day on you! Continue to keep up the nanobot deployments for to enjoy QONQR! Nice on having you as fellow gamer. Tell off your friends to play too!
  6. Qonqr- pushing families apart everywhere

    Stringbean you must be the MisterBig obsessives with always posting pictures on him. How is obsession working off for your team in game? HAHA!
  7. Sync Lock Day 2

    Using math from Ypres Peace facebook post, it was 4000-5000 total playing.
  8. Sync Lock Day 2

    Silver still wanting on limitation of the multiscope. Everyone uses off credits and everyone has extra phone or tablets. Only 5% of population have spending money on game. Making it cube only mean only 5% will likely using the inoculator, making multiscope maybe just 5% of player. Give and take it.
  9. Sync Lock Day 2

    Please to know the problem of concerns and many players are listened towards. In my day it looks off that sync lock is sticking on the past suspect cheat players. And many of the know couples, co-workers, roommates not being sync locked for being legitimate different people not extra ipad. This is good today. Encouraging at everyone to let this go forwards and learn more of the result. Sometimes maybe Silver adjust the formula if too much of the diferent people getting locked off.
  10. Qonqr- pushing families apart everywhere

    How to tell off what the cheaters are and what the family are? For every one honest family than are 20 single man with the old phones & ipads who tell off support they have family. QONQR support had relying on the cheater being honest to say off "yes I am cheat" but cheaters are not honest. The old multiscope rule was not good. In Detroit area the cheater are a big problem even after the investigate. 20+ known cheat accounts here are now sync locked to 4 houses. Known honest player, over 40, not single sync lock even with co-worker and real family. Underthinking the number of multiscope is why Support make this change as the "Report Multiscoper" portal feature gave off too many of the positive result to do investigate, plus investigate depend on cheater to not have the clever to say "My family is playing off all day 5am-1am every night no stopping, it is not me"
  11. New Feature - Sync Lock

    Consider this off. New multiscope check tool put on the portal recently. QONQR support team get too many positive report to handle. QONQR support team very not realize the number of positive multiscoper playing this game. The cheating was very far to get from in the past and not stopped. Cannot win for QONQR support team with the last set of rules. Best choice to change off the rule to allow for to the honest player to be on same playing rules as the man who discover three children for multiscoping off all day. Pay on cube make multiscope the new premium feature. One device doing QONQR takes free. Second device doing QONQR takes $3 in each month. Seem fair.
  12. What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    Make idea for Atlantis zone on each month to can be reached global to freeze off current selected Faceless players. Then switch.
  13. New Feature - Sync Lock

  14. Atlantis!

    I enjoy the idea of putting on limit to galv power. $80k credits to double off shields for millions nanobots makes too much strength. Whoever faction is manage to put 8 galvs in zone first plus small coverages of deflector/absorbers has much advantage. Make galv more so like the harden lattice (not lettuce HAHA phone get it correct today). More bots in zone needing off more of 8 galvs.
  15. What happened to Strategy in Qonqr

    I know the word lattice but the phone disagrees. HAHA