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  1. Vulcan

    In game qredits are free. Qubes not so much. And Zartec, welcome to the qube club!
  2. The forums are a ghost town

    Would be curious on player statistics. # of daily launches, active players, etc. Is the game in its current incarnation dying as far as player participation goes? Or is the forum silence completely separate from the game itself?
  3. Vulcan

    Nothing like paying full retail for a zone that was taken for FREE. Oh, and Silver and the QONQR staff would like to thank you for paying for another month of server upkeep!
  4. Factions flawed?

    As a follow-up, I did have an idea to at least fix the gender issue, if it were one. I don’t know if anyone else has thought about it in that way; I actually didn’t until a fellow player mentioned it to me and I realized I had never really caught that bit, but if one player noticed it then maybe others did as well. Anywho, perhaps make a second character for each faction, opposite in gender to the one already presented so that when choosing factions, each player is presented with both a male and female character. Legion could be led by Agent Sunday and Commander Thursday, Swarm could have another doctor, or perhaps a former UN diplomat, and finally Faceless could have a hacker equal in cunning to Prometheus, perhaps someone who earned his respect by cracking into his own system. Anyway, a pair for each faction. Thoughts?
  5. Factions flawed?

    So the forums have contained a lot of discussion in the last few weeks (admittedly somewhat Chicago/Illinois driven) regarding Faceless/Legion bickering, who is and isn’t multiscoping, the plus and minuses of sync-locking, as well as other assorted topics. Players on both sides have thrown out numbers and said this side has x players and this side has z players, etc. From a global standpoint, the numbers are clear, faceless is leading. (Although, 74% of the planet remains unclaimed, so somebody get out there and QONQR it!) As a faction, they have the most zone leads of any faction on Earth. In the United States, they control 46.1% of the zones; Canada, 50.4% of the zones; United Kingdom, 35.8% of zones (actually one of the most evenly balanced countries out there); Germany, 38.4% of the zones; and the list goes on and on… While there are outliers, as anywhere with statistics, I chose more active countries with fairly large player bases. Which brings me to the point I wanted to make: why is it that Faceless leads in so many areas? Are they just a better organized faction? Are they employing a strategy that Swarm and Legion have not yet figured out on a global scale? Are they just more dedicated players better in each area in which they’re fighting? Are they all multiscoping or outspending the other factions? I think the answer to any of these questions in the overall sense is no. While there may be individual locations where any one, or perhaps all of the above questions can be answered with a yes, I think part of the problem lies in the design of the factions themselves. To begin, I think the back story on each faction is great. It really does bring a feel for what each side is trying to accomplish in the game. That there’s a Legion battling the Swarm of nanobots and there’s a Faceless organization secretly manipulating bots on both sides for their own purposes is cool. It is much better than we’re the army of A fighting the armies of B and C. But when I really think about the factions themselves, that’s where I see the issue. I’m a member of Legion. I’m probably in the least cool faction out there. Think about it. We’re “the man,” “the grown-ups,” “the establishment.” We want to control the Swarm and stamp out any bit of their existence. Something new and cool has arrived on Earth, and we don’t want any part of it. We want everything to be as it was. We are led by Agent Sunday, a former NSA commander and a woman who doesn’t mess around. On the other hand, Swarm is the cool new thing on the block. They are this mass of nanobots that want to spread everywhere and get into everything and take over the planet. The members of Swarm want to bring this cool new thing to everyone. A little hippy-ish, maybe, but Swarm wants to partner with this new technology and change the world. Led by Dr. Kimyo Nagumo, this faction has a brilliant nanoengineer leading humanity toward its future. Finally, Faceless. Faceless is aware of this nanobot thing and knows they can hack it and control it. They’re the outsider, the underdog, working and manipulating from the shadows. They’re cooler than the stiff, tired old guard of the Legion, and they’re too cool to hang with the hippy-hipster Swarm. They are who they are and they’re cool with it. Their leader goes by the name of Prometheus, and no one knows exactly who he is, though he is known to stand up for the rights of the people to ensure their freedom from the slavery of corporate technology and government oversight. In the real world, if I had to join one of these three groups, I’d probably throw my lot in with the Faceless, to be honest. I may be mistaken, but I think the majority of players choose them for that very reason. My faction options are to be “the establishment,” “the nerds,” or, “the hackers.” Another problem I see is that while Legion and Swarm have female leaders, it is assumed that Faceless’ leaders is male. I have no problem with female leadership, but if I’m choosing a faction when starting based on which character best represents me, faceless is my only male option. That’s my two cents on the subject, what are your thoughts?
  6. New Legion color

    Thankfully GhostFaceFF took my tower this AM and for credit for the flip. At least it was taken by a legit player. Now said zone is being stacked by MABRYER/Wolfen/Bossk/InfernalMajesty. Probably to a million+ again w/ 100k of absorbers on each account. I just want someone on the faceless side to agree w/ me that this honestly can't be good for the game. I want to respect so many of you, but when you defend someone so blatantly exploiting the system, it's just too difficult.
  7. New Legion color

    If I do come across as whiny Legion because I'm taking a beating, my apologies. That is truly not my intent. I'm having another tower dismantled right now by faceless, and I'm totally cool with it. Well, not totally cool, as my tower is coming down and now I've got to figure out where to move that base to, but I'm sure you all understand... My issue with my initial posts was really targeted towards a total of eleven accounts owned by two players. (I've recently been given knowledge of four other accounts belonging to the AwSheeet character.) Two accounts that I named are actually a husband and wife duo and not actually a multiscoper. My apologies to you Ghostface and to your wife. Anywho... The tower of mine that is falling today, it's being taken down by a five on one offensive and though I'm fighting back hard, the numbers state I will slowly lose this battle. And that's FINE. It's being taken by five individual players targeting it, and I've had talks with all of those players separately at one time or another. I have no issue with that. My issue was on this weekend when a tower was lost to blatant pay to play tactics with obvious multiscoping. I get that multiscoping and cash infusions are legal ways to play. It's just not a way that I play. I love this game, I really do. I also am an avid boardgamer. Some games I can dominate, some games I can't figure out the right strategy to win. Some games I'm "this close" every time, but just can't figure out how to manage that final victory point before someone else beats me to it. But in board games, (good board games that actually involve strategy, more so than luck, so sorry Chutes and Ladders, you don't count...) whether you win or lose comes down in large part to your strategy. Sometimes the dice don't go your way, and occasionally they go ice cold all night on you. But generally a sound strategy keeps you in the game, keeps things close, and makes the game fun for everyone. Right now, based on the numbers, I really feel like that element is missing in Chicago. As I said, I have no issue losing my tower today. I'm losing it to five perfectly good players. And I'm on an equal footing with those five and can effectively duel with any of them. But when one person can bring four (or seven) accounts to bear and has no issue pouring masses of money to each of those, well, that's no longer fun. To make a chess analogy, it's like saying let's play chess, and by the way, I brought my gun. It doesn't matter how well I play, I'm going to lose that game every time.
  8. Visited by greatness…

    Thank you, Rebel. And Power Rangers were so after my time. If you had used the Michelangelo Ninja Turtle as a reference, it may have been more suitable.
  9. Visited by greatness…

    I volunteer every other Friday night at a shelter that serves about 25 people on average. And though I don't give them money, I have given out an extra sandwich on many an occasion. Does that answer your question?
  10. Visited by greatness…

    Completely understood. You can't visit Chicago though without seeing a homeless person. Heck, I pass three on the freeway ramps driving six miles to work everyday. His "pennies" could be beneficial elsewhere, that's all I'm saying. And seriously? One percenters have way better things to do than play QONQR. Like host dinner parties, visit their lake house, fly off for a weekend in Napa, etc...
  11. New Legion color

    And Ari, Legion came close about four months back to tying up w/ faceless. Got probably within 5% based on the numbers. Legion is now the low dog on the totem pole in Illinois, w/ just 23.7% of the state. Faceless is at about 43% with Swarm at around 33%.
  12. New Legion color

    Oh, I wish I lived in Quincy, IL where there is no one to play against... Nope, live in Chicago where there are actually other players playing and recruiting friends only sets me up for being sync locked. Dings, there's more people within a 1/2 mile of my house than there are within a 10 mile radius of yours. Your "recruit people" answer to being outnumbered in a major metropolitan area fails. Or I could blatantly multiscope as 7 (sorry, really only 2) of your fellow faceless have. That's the real answer. We're not whining. What you guys completely miss is that your "domination" is laughable. Legion is losing. We have no issue with that. It's that it's taking ridiculous numbers and REAL WORLD CURRENCY to defeat us. That's funny.
  13. Visited by greatness…

    And even if he is a 1%er and $50 is nothing to him, it's still just sad. So many better things to do than that...
  14. Visited by greatness…

    Yep. Dumping in 50000 in boosts and strengthen in a 10 minute window is completely possible without cubing. MarkLitWin, I honestly wonder how you work for a computer company when your math skills are the worst I've ever witnessed. Or you're a troll which would make complete sense...
  15. Chicago will fall (has fallen?)

    At our peak, Legion was on par with Faceless in the Chicagoland area. Now we're at a 3-1 (5-1 if you count the multiscopes) disadvantage. And we're not throwing money into the game either. So those are the true facts.