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  1. right now, seekers explode by the zillions to missiles (and plasma). Even with full support bots to bump their defense and equal scopes (I.e. my one 122 bot missile with no boosters to help will blast 3500ish seekers from richin109 with us both having 100% scopes & him having full support bots in the zone). If you have a base with full support bot deployments (40k booster/40k galvanic) it costs 160,000 qredits before adding in things like harden lattice & such. you are going to have a significant number of bots (lets say 500,000-1mil minimum) or it can be flattened effortlessly in a couple hours if you look away. Even with 25k Hardened Lattice (where it caps it's effect), the benefit is negligible (if anything) before the stronghold is taken to the point where it's probably well & truely lost but just hasn't gotten the memo yet. Seekers from a max scope with full support bots are only an obstacle to a newbie Absorber is pretty useless at protecting seekers from missiles/plasma. It might be useful for something Zone assault is a little tougher & takes seekers to destroy them in the 10:1 range. On the upside, seekers can't be launched from 400 miles away Zone assault will only help against an opponent moving in boosters/deflection/etc though & does very little to defend against an attacker, even ones with significantly weaker scopes and no attempts at forming a beachhead to deploy support bots. an inbound deployment of shockwaves will deal significant damage to absorbers & deflectors even with ZA there Just having Seekers present will decimate any shockwave assault before it gets to chip at deflectors at full strength. Having multiple defenders with seekers present is actually the best way of protecting them from decimation because an attacker's missile can only decimate one defender's seekers per launch Using the rough numbers from two 100% scopes with full defensive support bots in place, a couple lower ranged scopes with 1200 seekers each and no support bots is equally as difficult to clear by a maxed scope than a maxed scope with full support bots and ~10,000 seekers. If you toss in a spouse or two with a couple hundred each, the numbers get even more distorted and a defender could be spending more than half their deployments just clearing a few hundred bots that would be flattened by a single deployment (of nearly anything) if they were able to attack them as a group. Even if it cost 1000qredits to launch a flight of seekers that kept hunting till dead, or all opponents have been daisy chained one after another, it would be better for the defender being chipped away at. by having one player deploying a full tank at a rate close to the optimal deployment rate* day in & day out, a second doing the same an hour or two at a time here and there, and one or more spouses with nearly stock scopes joining in occasionally. All of this is all well & good, but the fatal problem is that seekers dodge into missiles & dance in the fire oblivious to the fact that missile fire is hot like bugs to a bug zapper if you have two defenders (lets call them andy & beth) making use of gobs of divert to cloak Andy's seekers seekers behind Beth's higher threat deflectors to protect against shockwave/za... when Charles comes along with a missile /seeker combo to strip Beth's ZA/seeker's, andy's seeker will not do jack until Beth is wiped out or Andy does something to put his sekers into a position where they will leap into missiles & plasma If Andy has the following (just tested) makeup with his maxed scope: 4581 leftover missile4 bots 749152 deflector5 30,000 Hardened lattice2 (oops a bit over the cap, accidentally, but there is no 3 or4 1184 seeker4 206734 divert5 40000 booster4 45000 strengthen4 Beth hasan 83% scope and 29019 bots in the zone Charles comes along with some shockwaves/missiles & his 38% scope & gets his shockwaves munched by the seekers (only 290 survive) Look at the attached picture to see how the story unfolds. Needless to say, it does bot go well for Andy's 1184seeker4 or Beth's much higher threat 29019 bots. despite "Divert is only useful when used as part of a team defense ... every divert bot offsets the threat of approximately five defense or support bots. Divert also has the same effect on aggression for offensive bots, making it more likely that your friends will step up to take out incoming defensive bots. Your scope must have..." indicating that 206734 divert5's (which should be 0 threat themselves based on the bot description)should be able to cover 1033670 of Andy's bots despite him having only ~868733 non-divert bots in the zone and a combined 5765 attack bots (1184 seeker, 4581 missile) somehow overwhelming the remaining 16,4937 bots worth of divert coverage. I don't see any reason to pour even more divert5 bots into the zone considering the evidence so far. What should happen? seeker/zone assault should be able to made reasonably defensible/a new bottype that works like a reasonably sturdy/functional preemptive attack defensive seeker substitute to where stripping fully strengthened massive numbers them can not be done in seconds by an attacker with no boosters and an equal (especially not worse!) scope. Alternately, the "team defense" that divert mentions should allow two or more players with bots in a zone to work as a "team" and defend each other rather than have their "team" of bots play every man for himself instead of working together as a team. i.e. Andy's seekers sit behind Beth's deflectors "acting as a sniper unit" when Charles throws some zone assault/shockwave against Beth's higher threat deflectors & Beth's higher threat deflectors should jump up to intercept Charles's subsequent plasma/missile to provide each other at least partial support to each other's bots . * I'm not posting it on the forums for everyone to see, but it allows for far more bots & more non-qonqr time spend deploying per hour than someone deploying significantly less bots whenever their scope will allow. P.S. The next time someone makes a suggestion like post number 5 here & many others like it elsewhere, the actual numbers today prove their wild guess at how it works inaccurate at best
  2. At first I considered that it should be more visible, & even posted about it here, but think back to before qommnd & the pull out/black list view that made it easier for a dominating faction to trivially smash any non aligned locals that dared grow a zone too far beyond popcorn zone cap fodder without having to pause their own stacking otherwise by wasting their time/deployments on possibly zone caps they do might not need check out those growing bases. I'm of the mind that the lack of it is quite the improvement & if possible benefits don't play out in time it's easy enough to add later after the legacy clients get phased out
  3. You can use the unthemed maps if you change it in settings & restart the app, the icon to indicate position is kind of a white circle
  4. In the standard & black clients, you can see a list of zones with faction eymbol(s) that displays how large the bit cluster for that faction in general with more symbols indicating larger zones. At first I was a little disturbed by the loss thinking "how will I pick good targets", but the more I thought on it the more it grew on me. My area is completely uncontested with a handful of zones capture flipped that nobody cares about, beyond those the max distance in qonqr black will generally only show a single faction. Without a quick list separating the zones on their way to being crunchy fortified bases, from those popcorn cap flip zones it means one faction can no longer reach a tipping point where they csn trivially demolish any nearby resistance as their zones go from sandcastles to wood shacks & finally brick & steel towers any time they go from sandcastle to shack while stacking their own towers at all other times. I don't know if this suspicion will pan out, but I think it deserves a chance to see
  5. I'm posting this because I recently had to go through the hard way when I switched from a lumia 810 with wp10 and a horrifically cracked screen to a lumia 810 with a good screen that used to be a display model running wp8.0 with no easy update options * figured it might help someone. The stupid simple way for 8.1 This will probably only work for you if you won the powerball the other day, so I'll write this step on that assumption. pay someone to slide right from the start/home/tile screen Go to settings go into phone update & check both boxes You should probably do this over wifi unless you don't mind maybe using a lot of data, but tap check for updates & restart of required. from here this mostly consists of plugging in the device and tapping download, install, or reboot occasionally between updates The easy way for 8.1 Ok, that last step probably didn't work for anyone, but it's important to try because this step will only work if your device is at least semi updated. go to this page and follow the directions to register with the preview program before installing & using the "preview for developers" app from microsoft on your phone (find it in your phone's store). Open the preview for developers app and follow the prompts to enable it on your device Repeat the steps from the stupid simple way above and it will download the updates for 8.1 this time if you are lucky. As long as your device is capable of running wp 8.1, this will probably work for most any phone running wp8.0. The hard way for 8.1 on lumia phones Be VERY careful here or you could possibly brick your phone (I doubt it, but it's theoretically possible) download the LumiaFlashTools direct from XDA developers here because the ones linked in the tutorial below are probably bad and report as having a virus.After you get the flash tools above from xda developers, visit the tutorial here) remember not to get the tools from the link in the tutorial. follow the directions in the tutorial to flash your phone with a new rom. Repeat the steps listed in the easy way above The easy way to update to wp10 here is a list of phones that wp10 supports. If your device is on the list and already running wp8.1, go into the store on it and install an app called windows insider. This app is pretty much like the preview for developers but for wp10... just install it, open it up to enable it & pick either the fast or slow channel. repeat the stupid simple way above
  6. Patriot guide

    The third flip need only last 1 minute. factionA to start>first flip to faction B>60-120 day wait depending on goal>flip back to FactionA>60-120 day wait>factionC > immediately switch to faction A or B a minute later when it finishes. after that, you can switch whenever you want and spend 120 days in any faction to do a loyalty review & get a rank penalty negated UKIntel, send an igm to someone in this thread
  7. We got a couple new blog posts today, but one specifically talks about one of the -new- upgrades (plus more bot/energy tank upgrades jumping to 20,000/150). The details on it are: "Finally we are introducing a brand new upgrade called the Bot Regeneration Accelerator. This upgrade will increase the rate your scope generates nanobots by a minimum of 10%. We say minimum because we plan to have promotional battle days or weekends where bot regeneration will be boosted by a higher amount for anyone who owns the upgrade. The upgrade once purchased, will last 6 months, but can be purchased again. New players will receive a trial version of this upgrade in the beginning part of their training for free, as a “try before you buy”. This upgrade will cost $0.99 USD." In the blog posts it also talks about how overheat will work the same before the regen accelerator is factored in. • this seems like a great upgrade with lots of flexibility baked in. While the stated "promotional" days/weekends could be fun sometimes, it also seems like it opens the door to things like boosting whatever local faction is drastically under represented and such. • I'm the jump from 8200/100 to 10000/150 isn't that big, but it looks like it could introduce some variation to the 6x of anything you can fit/20 min rough optimal ro something that will vary depending on what you are deploying since the difference between 1150/1200/1250/1450 can now grow to a semi meaningful distinction when coupled with the accelerator for some pot types. Barring more revelations (shield decay on retired player bots is next), ill leave it at saying that I think at least one more tank upgrade (15,000/150) would be a lot more interesting since the size then grows to where that difference in deployment size allows for significantly different deployment strategies that can lead to more of a "do I want to..." Style choice where optimal might leave you stuck being unable to defend against a less optimal but faster near optimal.
  8. Patriot guide

    Congrats Criminal! It's definitely worth the time & friction of that initial transition period
  9. This came up in the merc channel with Z2301705 as a great example of why. Different situation: Target Acquired: z2301705 - Overlake // Washington // United States. 100+ players no 50 has 50k bots, 90 are inactives. Will not be able to get at them the 20 actives will protect & defend the soft inactives. Since there are quite a few similar situations in my area/region , I can see it being a more widespread problem. Perhaps that along with the shield decay, the Ina tuce bits should get ramped up threat to make them more and more difficult to protect as time progresses with the players remaining inactive in an active area
  10. Yea it goes by a different stat now, but raising the threat level is a good and easily understood conceptual thing. Hopefully they do something like this though
  11. http://portal.qonqr.com/WeaponsCache/Support
  12. Patriot guide

    I sent you a pm Leigh about the mercgroupme chat I'm in. Also I agree on all counts. My area I likewise ridiculously stagnant as well until some new blood can take root without forced conscription into the local/regional superpower. I had reason to go looking for other merc/patriots recently & couldn't even think of a way yo start such a thing short of writing a script to grab all players & pull out the ones with relevant awards, but that seemed extremely excessive. A merc/patriot focused update would indeed by greatly appreciated, especially given how one of the known features (beacons) are such a mystery still. As you said, your outlook changes wildly once you have it. The reception I've gotten from people who would have opted to not invite me to their group me group on the way to patriot has been many variants of "that's amazing, I love it!" Once everything is explained.
  13. another 200 levels?

    "Continuing the curve would have allowed players to achieve another 200 levels in perhaps only double the time it took to do the first 100." Was mentioned in today's blog post. Along with a few other indications that there were more levels to come. While it's possible that it was just a seemingly oddly worded way of saying "achieve another 100 levels in about the same time it took to do the first 100.", I know people have been hearing bits and pieces from the team suggesting more than -just- 100 new levels for a while now. Given the advancements from the first 100 levels, an extra 200 could amount to: - bot tank with. -current- scope upgrades going from 8200 to 18,200 (assuming +50/level memory is accurate?) - the initial formation sizes seemed more to make for an interesting progression with goals than any level based formula I can recall feeling, but it doesn't seem unreasonable to assume that we might get larger & new formations. -new scope upgrades seem likely, but I think that some form of cooling state to help avoid overheat seems like a good addition to the lines already have. -with possibly improved formations coming, could come improved range (I can't remember how much of that was level & how much formation). In places like the northeast corridor & other dense population centers close enough to provide missile cover, that could wildly change the landscape by making the next city/suburb/etc in range of things other than missiles in some many cases. I places like geographically isolated Florida the same could hold true in different ways (I seem to remember atlanta/mobile/etc in ga/AL being >>>250 miles from south east/west fl. -perhaps rank will have some impact now? The blog post mentions that the next poat will be about how new players will be about how new players can "gain greater success in the early stages of the game", I hope that it gives a bit more detail on how people already at/on the verge of sergeant major with the scope/levels to accompany it.
  14. another 200 levels?

    "In the next blog post we will share some new additions to bots and energy" got posted in http://blog.qonqr.com/post/123052714177/new-levels based on that & the one before it, it looks like some(?) of my fingers crossed jumping up & down predictions were off by at least a little if not more. Without knowing what yesterday's blog post considers "mid core" its tough to make predictions. I'm a bit concerned that it mentions upgrades that make the strong stronger not being too common & being front loaded in the 100+ levels... But at the same time, I can think of a lot if cool upgrades that would be pretty cool while (I think?) meeting that goal. Dom that spring to mind : • the ability to deploy cloud based launches from your bases • to do that from other peoples bases • regardless of who controls it without needing anything of your own present. • the ability to let others deploy from -my- bases with remote cloud based deployments As an unabashed patriot on the far end of the Florida peninsula, those sorts of things could certainly contribute to "reputation", but my situation isn't exactly the norm. At just a few points from SM, I can't imagine more ranks improving "reputation" given current mechanics. Given the initial crickets thus thread ill just leave it there & wait for the next blog post
  15. Let me see if I get this **** right?... • cross faction alliance has trouble taking someone down • said cross faction alliance starts going after people outside the area and flexing their might towards stomping unrelated folks in revenge or some ****. • said alliance is still getting their **** handed to them where they formed &complains they are being bullied? Did I get that nonsense right? Regional cross faction alliances(as opposed to local rgp balkanization player<>player treaties really screw with the game & eventually take out the region as they either become a victim of their own success or the last remaining targets shrug & go patriot together (as happened in the cel controlled majority of us:fl ~ a year back)
  16. What now?

    Depends on your area Leigh. Some places are geographically broken and finding out the answer to "does it get better at your level" is some variant of " I'm barely holding on I'm so outnumbered & help is too far away to do much" doesn't improve things... Having them find out the answer to "so once my scope is 100%, is it better?" Doesn't bode well for insurgent longevity in those areas The important part of the blog post is levels after 100. I just wish they had given more details there.
  17. What now?

    I sent an email to support the other day & heard back with lots of interesting tidbits along with indications that there wad a blog post coming soon (a specific tentative soon was indicated). Some of it involved a few of the things we got to vote on ages back.
  18. Gold Status and Atlantis

    @dings90 while its true that it was something people went for before... Take my local area • a statewide alliance between green/purple (they quit being swarm/faceless when they started stomping on swarm/faceless who said no while looking the other way when their allies started attacking their former faxtionmates.). • due to geographic isolation of the 400+ mile long peninsula, there was no outside parties who could be included in resistance. • this continued until they forced remaining swarm/faceless to accept the truce or die alone & quit. • legion got fed up and went merc, nearly every one of them in fact. • fast forward a year from there and there are massive towers built by members of the alliance that quit playing long ago after becoming victims of their own success. • smashing newbies before they establish gives almost trivial gold status.. Especially in area where someone has cleared out enough towers for them to even consider getting zone caps one day.
  19. Gold Status and Atlantis

    Gold discourages cleanup though.. Instead it encourages missiling large numbers of seekers/shock because it goes by Rwaw kill counts rather than some adjusted values depending on lattice/boost
  20. Launch Verification Today

    Oops.. can't find the edit button browsing from phone... This should teach me to post with too much blood polluting a totally empty caffeine circulation system. The point I wanted to make. Was that I hadn't seen it either but it looks interesting
  21. Launch Verification Today

    My activity has been hugely reduced over the last several months since I started down the patriot path (I wanna pe able to set those as my rank!). Clearing out the dead fortified towers left begin by a player driven out of playif by cel certainly hasn't helped duel me either
  22. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/12/us-telcos-can-operate-in-cuba-as-part-of-new-reform-white-house-says/ While I don't expect Cuba to be heavy on the modern smartphone front -today-, it could take off & open some new avenues for player growth if Qonqr fits within the scope of newly allowed exceptions.
  23. Looks like Netflix has decided to start offering streaming to Cuba http://arstechnica.com/business/2015/02/netflix-launches-streaming-in-cuba/
  24. "gold status"... eh?

    I noticed a lot of the topics in the vote forum appear to have been updated with some extra details at some point... that, or it's my memory. Most of them have a sentence or two explaining them & look interesting to varying degrees with their focus on growth, gripe root cause sniping, & general quality of life/play type things... but "gold status" seems completely befuddling as a gold outline around your profile pic for 1-2 weeks if you are melting 500k+ bots/week. That doesn't seem like the kind of thing that could be done without everyone in range knowing based on allied cries for help alone. Am I the only one that this one is somehow missing a detail about how it's supposed to impact/link to something else, or am I just missing somethingjust missing something?