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    I find it interesting that when I looked up the word "Ninjas" in an online thesaurus, it told me "Ninjas" cannot be found. Well played ninjas, well played
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  1. Zone Assult or Deflection on defense?

    Tactics can very. However when someone does attack you, you will often clear their bots with a ZA. This will leave bots in your zone to help protect the next incoming attack
  2. Cease Fire

    Today was almost a fun day of Qonqr. Had a battle with Swarm...We lost, but the frustrating part was not being able to connect and actually play. As a result I'm going into cease fire mode. I will continue to build and harvest as the game allows but I will not be attacking. No I'm not quitting the game. I enjoy playing and simply see this as growing pains. I have tried to send messages to local Swarm and Faceless operatives to let them know of my decision, but the server will not allow it. When things get updated/graded I will resume normal play. Swarm, Faceless, feel free to respect or exploit my decision as you choose
  3. Improvement's for players in low zone areas

    I like the idea. In addition, I wish there was away to eliminate zones through cube usage. There would need to be a parameter that I can't think of at the moment, but where I am there are too many zones
  4. Windows marketplace

    Windows app store has Qonqr listed as one of the highest rated games!
  5. Qonqr qards

    Awesome work on the cards. If the ability to gift cubes without using PayPal happens I'll send you one. For now I'll just give each missile a kiss before I send it your way.
  6. New Faceless in Florida

    Richin you should make sure to give everyone notice. We all want to be able to go outside to see if we can actually hear 50 million bots self destruct when you switch to the legion
  7. To the Orange County faceless of Southern California

    Ha! You eat turds for breakfast. Other than that, it's some good smack talk ET
  8. Milestones

    I have now made the leader board in Florida, Cuba, Bahamas, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. I have over 1100 zone captures. Next goal is to make national board
  9. we have a strawberry theme where we are in Florida, while it is red it is not too fearsome. I suppose it could conjure up some memories of strawberry margarita hangovers or potential food poisoning from shortcake that wasn't quite refrigerated properly. I don't really see the cavalry charging into battle under a banner of a strawberry.
  10. Ranks and Awards

    Being that it is a game you can't really win, the not forgetting the social part is great advice to newbies
  11. Ranks and Awards

    Great job, and just remember a private for legion still out ranks Sergeant majors of all other factions
  12. New Faceless in Florida

    please consider each missile I send to you as my own personal greeting... Seriously, welcome to the game
  13. They should role play. She can dress up like agent Sunday, he like Promethius or vice versa, hey it is called Qonqr
  14. cube purchase and gifting

    http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?/topic/2461-gift-cubes/. Look at thread under feature requests