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    Guy that was forgotten when signed up for pranking thread

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    Vero Beach/Melbourne FL
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    mod is too lazy to mess with this area
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  1. taking volunteers

    Why not?
  2. Are Seekers Worth their Worth

    Seekers are best used to pad your kill count
  3. Attention Legion operatives

    Minitruth must never be questioned. This post is doubleplusgood
  4. I can remain silent no longer...

    I think this post needs more hugs. Yep, definitely more hugs.
  5. New Recruit in Florida

    Nah, I view it more as "Use the AI to keep others from controlling me" It just so happens that controlling others is the best way to ensure that ^-^ To the other point, anyone using an assault rifle to kill a cow has some issues.
  6. Bullies

    I'm a polishing my nanomissiles On another note to the person complaining about being knocked off the leader board. That's pretty much all that it's there for, to let everyone know who is hoarding and give targets for a coordinated assault.
  7. New Recruit in Florida

    Eh, faceless fits me, I don't feel the need for "protection" from the AI nor do I want to give myself over to.
  8. I can remain silent no longer...

    I enjoyed my doughnuts this morning
  9. PLasma beam v GDI Ion Cannon

    If you want to skip them and still get a bot report you can touch anywhere on the screen once the animation starts.
  10. New Recruit in Florida

    Meh, I'm in the vero/melbourne area, there is plenty of swarm for me take pot shots at in cocoa and north of there. Boo legion, I can't play the "good guys" in any game :-p
  11. New Recruit in Florida

    And I happen to be in a unique position to harass you :-p Looking forward to the battles on our borders