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  1. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    I have to admitt i didn't read everything carefully because I lack the time because of work, but nevertheless i want to throw my thoughts in the pot concerning the topic: In my opinion loosing a battle against bigtime cubers is a win... Stacking with cubes is very expensive. Even if I and my teammates loose it feels like a victory, because we made players spend a lot of cash to hold a zone and therefor supporting qonqr for us. Yes cubes can be overpowered if you use them right, namely recharge and plasmas. But just to attack local zones or destroy beachheads in local towers. I would suggest to reduce the range for the plasmas, but then I know that there are areas with much smaller zonedensity than Switzerland so plasmas would become useless there. I think that the devs put a lot effort in balancing the game, and it turned out very well. I just see one flaw in the system and some very interesting challenges towards the players: Flaw: Plasmas are for local use; since everyone is local in Atlantis it just doesn't make any sense to allow plasmas and recharge in that may zones or even in any zone. Challenges: The biggest advantage of a cuber is that he doesn't has to coordinate with others on the same level. To fence of a cubed beachhead you have to act extremely fast and you need to mobilize a lot of players. Therefor we need to find better, faster and more efficient ways to communicate with each other. Qonqr isn't just a game where you have to press on the screen as much as possible per day. It's all about teamwork and strategie. Flawless and fast communication. The way this game is beeing played is changing all the time. We have to adapt to the game and to the way the enemie is playing the game. The devs are actually giving us the oportunity to evolve the gameplay. To be a part of the game and not just to be playing the game. Outlook: I see a lot of hate in this game, and i don't think this is a problem of the balance in the gameplay. There will always be a fraction winning and another one loosing. And the looser will feel "treated unfair". I would really apreciate to see a event where all fractions have to play together to win. Some sort of a regional or global catastrophy we have to fence of, some thing new and exiting. We would have to get in touch with players of the other fractions to successfully win these battles. This will lead us to realize that actually most of the players are really nice people, human beeings worth to know. And maybe we will spread less hate, I really hope so...
  2. QONQR black

    I love it! uses MUCH less battery than the regular app!
  3. Defensive upgrades

    It's only increasing the shields of future deployments... And i'm pretty sure that the oldest bots are getting attacked first -> FIFO
  4. Swarm Necklace 3D printed.

    haha! we found this 2 days ago on thingivers! Would have been our secound print on the printer we built, but we had trouble with the printing surface! maybe we can fix it this week, i'll post a pic!
  5. Dearest Chicago Legion

    Cute! But it sounds as you really like to get your bots killed...
  6. Zone with the highest bot count

    Poiano near Verona, Italy had 36Mio bots, but the player who build it ether cheated odr deleted his account... So the zone is gone...
  7. How do you increase your Rank?

    Do hesch e Übersicht vo allne Erfolg: http://qonqr.wikia.com/wiki/Achievements I dr Wiki stönd übrigens no es paar anderi nützlichi Sache wod gege mich chasch verwende!
  8. Funniest Zone Names

    What are the funniest zone names you came across? I know that there are some ridiculous names out there in the qonqr world! A friend of mine recently sent me this pic: The name means translated: "Erlenbach / left of the stream under the railway line"
  9. Diminishing returns on XP?

    Well I know that the amount of XP drops the more you launch -> a bit like the regeneration-overheat. But it resets after 24h at 12:00 AM UTC. Here you go: http://qonqr.wikia.com/wiki/Experience Also the amount of experience is depending of the bot formation you launch. For leveling it's best to use Zone Assault. I hope that helps!
  10. Best Kill Ratio

    Last sunday i had a 32k hit (couldn't make a screenshot, WP7.8)! The max possible at the moment would be about 48'573 Kills with one Nanomissile (fully boosted, full scope and enemy with zero scope)
  11. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    Congrats Tiomun! I wish you and your wife all the best for your future! I just made another 520k today: 12,995,111! I didn't had to use a single qube!
  12. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    Update to 12365272 befor i drop out of the list! thx by the way for your awesome work!
  13. How can we find out what Faction is winning

  14. New iPhone Release

    Me and a friend of mine noticed that the new iPhone app does treat the locations different than the old version and the windoesphone-app: meaning that it seems that the old one and the WP-version do round the distance to a zone, the new iPhone release doesn't do this anymore. So a zone that my friend was able to reach with the old version, he can't reach anymore, while i still can reach it... that is a bit unfair... Also i heard that it crashes a lot on a 3gs when loading a lot of zones (Zürich).
  15. QONQR Devs & Playing the Game

    So he's testing the new top secret high-efficiency-orbit-beamlauncher to reach your zones! :-P