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  1. Wondering

    We have three factions in the game but swam and legion act as a unit, so I think they need a new name. swamy Legos.
  2. New iPhone Release

    Nice update.
  3. faceless

    Thank you I did try to fix it but I guess it would not let me. Thank you again.
  4. faceless

    I sent a message to support.
  5. faceless

    Bump I would surely love to get into the faceless only forum.
  6. faceless

    Ah the no help forums must be.
  7. faceless

    I have witnessed green sky so that does happen.
  8. faceless

    I would love if one time I could get into the faceless forum.
  9. Rfetterhof@****.net
  10. Did not get the email try again
  11. Still have a iPhone to trade, if you are interested.
  12. I have this iPhone 5 here, just waiting.
  13. Read back my wife wants it, I am playing on a Lumia 920 you could not give me a iPhone.
  14. Yes I can swap a iphone 5 for a lumia 920.