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  1. The best Legion and Swarm players

    Lol where did this come from, I know I'm a little late to the party but jeez... I remember a time when factions were somewhat civil towards each other and didn't post this "disgust"Ing filth. We are a community of gamers, not a bunch of uncivilized monsters. Sure a little banter is fine but control yourself.... Now as for the topic that should be discussed in this topic thread... I wasn't trained by anyone dings I'm just naturally pretty. Aces
  2. Atlantis Feb 2015 - Legion Win

    Congrats legion. Well won. Was a fun month indeed. I wont be a bad sport to faceless... I'll be civil for now hahah Was fun guys.
  3. Poaching

    Faceless have tried to get me to switch multiple times as well. Answer is always the same though. I'd rather break my phone
  4. New to Faceless

    Welcome to qonqr! I wouldn't say they are distant. They are the largest faction in the game, your region may just be different. But none the less enjoy the game and welcome
  5. What's in a name?

    And I like poker and card games... But that's probably obvious...
  6. What's in a name?

    When I was young, I loved the game Ace Combat for the playstation. So when I had to come up with a name when I was playing call of duty 1 competitively I just kinda picked that one up. The X happens if the name is already taken... Kinda a popular tag I suppose. By my Xbox tag is CombatAces which is perfect lol
  7. atlantis

    Happy holiday's! Well said des.
  8. atlantis

    Glad to see the sportsmanship... (lol) Good fight. See you next month for even more fun and launches
  9. Big, Huge, Crazy news

    "Anything" -Dings90 Marklitwin likes this
  10. Who Am I?

    Anyone against faceless down there is my friend. Let us know if you have any questions and keep it up!
  11. Big, Huge, Crazy news

    I feel as though I am ok with this.
  12. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Sorry for the bad English and sentence structure. I'm in a movie haha
  13. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    I hope that fixes the problem silvers. My name was mentioned. I'm going to say 2 things, keep it brief. I fought the faceless in fort Collins for about 6 months. I have about 75 million kills, most of which are from this time in fort Collins. Before the multiscope being allowed. They created and used multiple accounts. They never used to deploy regularly at all. They were human like and sporadic because they worked or so they said together. If I was on qonqr every 20 min at work I would be fired. I have spent a lot of money on this game to keep them at bay from thier 3 am raids where i spent 50 dollars at a time just to hold of 2 players who "only spent 10$" on the game. aces
  14. Dear Devs

    Cheating haha