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  1. "Use KM"

    KM is using a unit of measurement that most of the world uses but we Americans have no clue wtf it is — aka "The Metric System"
  2. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    Very interested in beta testing! Google Nexus 7 FHD (2013), running Jelly Bean 4.3 Stock It has built in GPS. (I play QONQR heavily, on an iPhone 5, iOS 7 beta 6)
  3. New iPhone Release

    I love the update. (iOS 7b6, iPhone 5). My only complaint is the "haze". It's too prominent. I actually wish I could turn the haze off, or go back to the older haze. I do love the map interface, but there always seems to be about a mile discrepancy between the map's listed miles, and how many miles in the launch menu. All in all, QONQR does seem much more stable and snappier on my iPhone!
  4. Warning message for threads

    At least it's mobile version is decent!
  5. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    Geez! That's a lot!
  6. Warning message for threads

    I am not sure what kind of phone you have, but most phones capable of playing QONQR (you play that game, right?), also have the capability of storing notes that you can return to later. Posting in the forums is an unreliable way to store an idea for later, as it will eventually get buried, and forgotten about. You should try the app Microsoft Onenote, or Evernote for storing your wonderful, amazing and useful ideas for later.
  7. Warning message for threads

    I don't know. Your forum skills are greater than mine—you tell me.
  8. Warning message for threads

    If it's not difficult...when are you going to implement this?
  9. Warning message for threads

    Yup, that's not going to happen. I'd rather the developers focus on the game, and not adding hand-holding features to the forums for people too stupid to use the search features.
  10. faceless

    It's fixed! Thanks!
  11. Player Tribunal?

    I think this is a fantastic idea. Swarm in the Denver area are the kings of multi-scoping. It'd be interesting if other factions are doing it as well.
  12. faceless

    Yup, I'm locked out too...
  13. MandoJedi got himself caught

    I love this thread so much <3