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  1. Power tilt and the decline of a faction.

    I don't think their needs to be a balancer put in that will undo the hard work of the victors. It is the job of those losing to change the situation. Asking for a buff because things are getting "difficult" is counterintuitive. With too many balances there is no qonqring, only a stalemate.
  2. Hello from Sydney, Australia

    That's sorta mean haha.
  3. MandoJedi got himself caught

    You better hope you don't. Hahahaha.
  4. MandoJedi got himself caught

    Very neutral answer.
  5. MandoJedi got himself caught

    You reading this Strat? hehehehe....
  6. The Village, Oklahoma swarm new player

    Welcome! Have fun.
  7. Newbie join Swarm

    Lolling at the tag.
  8. Does anyone need a recruiter?

    Yes sir I need a recruiter. Can you watch the California area for new players and let them know that the faceless faction is desirable.
  9. Hello, I am posting about the repeat subjects in the forums. I think, to avoid threads on the same exact subject, that a warning message should appear when you hit post. This warning message should let the poster know that the thread they are making has similar tags to threads that have been posted in the past, or a similar title maybe, if that can be done. I think this will work well if it says "Warning" in big letters, with a prompt that asks the poster if they still want to make the new thread.Since this isn't a request for the game itself, I put it in general discussion.
  10. Warning message for threads

  11. Warning message for threads

    Ignore my last statement I guess haha. I should've put that it was just an idea that I thought of that I was posting about so I wouldn't forget it later.
  12. Warning message for threads

    Yes I know, just a suggestion for later haha, it's not really important. I am just throwing ideas out there.
  13. Warning message for threads

    Wow, you really don't know...
  14. Warning message for threads

    Really? You don't know the answer to that? Hahaha.
  15. Warning message for threads

    The majority of people don't use the search feature, and something like this would not be difficult to implement.
  16. PAX Prime

    League of legends world championship tickets sold on 50 minutes
  17. Player Tribunal?

    I would be up for something like this, just let me know.
  18. Player Tribunal?

    I does seem that the accused would have to stay anonymous unless it's in the case of a mutli-scoper. Maybe you can filter it so that the people who sign up for the tribunal can only get cases for players that are a set distance away to reduce incentive for being biased. The reason why the league of legends tribunal works is because the player base is so extremely large, and the chance that a player will come across another that they remember is miniscule, if not filtered out. I do think a tribunal is a good idea, but I think that there should be some filters to reduce bias in the reviewers' decisions.
  19. Player Tribunal?

    The tribunal has other players review all the recent games that the player has received reports in, and the reviewing player decides if what they have done is worthy of punishment. Things that are given to the player to look at are the chat during the game, item build, and score. It also shows the number of times the person has been reported in these games. There may have been a few minor changes since the last time I've used it, which was quite a while ago. If you are looking to make something similar, you'll want to include information like ip, launch times, and any pics that others have posted in their report, at least this is my opinion. IP would definitely be a problem. Maybe there is a way around it. Hope this helps.
  20. The Pain of Growth

    Silver ftw.
  21. Los Angeles is truly Multi-cultural

    Please relax guys, I say we freeze the zone for now where it is to avoid trouble. I am off to sleep now, only thing that has kept me awake is this struggle.
  22. uncontested zones

    Yes monkeh was swarm.
  23. A public apology to MetalChic23

    Nice signature protean, I approve.
  24. I quit.

    Actually no, he hasn't deployed in a while, he did quit.