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  1. A public apology to MetalChic23

    Don't mind protean, every single comment he puts up involves insults.
  2. A public apology to MetalChic23

    I did mention that she may not want them either, wasn't bashing you bro.Sorry, I should've just said I was curious.
  3. A public apology to MetalChic23

    I'm really curious about what could've possibly made you insult her, and what the insults were. You really aren't being selfless through a public apology post if you aren't giving any info. Of course she may not want these things to be on the post either, so I'm not going to bash you for not revealing them, it's just that I can only hope you weren't absolutely horrible. I hope for your sake she will forgive you.
  4. Los Angeles is truly Multi-cultural

    Legions did too have religion, and they were often the pawns of roman politicians.
  5. Los Angeles is truly Multi-cultural

    Yes, it is too bad, sorry mud.
  6. Stelly of Legion-He will be missed...

    Kind of is related news haha
  7. Was that a joke kitten? What you said was completely contradictory, unless I am missing something.
  8. Is It Wrong?

    Love it when people tell other people what to do as if they have any influence at all. Silly strat.
  9. About changing my picture on this forum...

    You can paste it onto paint and then select it and scale it by increments of 10% until it is small enough.
  10. That's not much of an insult lol.
  11. New Legion member in CA

    Great strat, represent your faction in the area, because all I've experienced are threats and insults followed by quitting. Norcal swarm are being jerks as well right now.
  12. New Legion member in CA

    I'm sure you would be glad strat, until you experienced retaliation. Your faction in SoCal is pathetic now, don't take it as an insult, but they pretty much crumbled after 6 zones captures...And mud, you are being tickled, I know who is attacking whom all the time, and you haven't been given trouble.
  13. Buying Zones...

    That's how we handled trampoline.
  14. New Legion member in CA

    Welcome to qonqr, I don't know why you'd get that error. Anyways, im not really disappointed to hear of new emerging competition, since the swarm have recently decided to wimp out.
  15. Global Leaderboard Top 50 stats!

    They gave up, just as the swarm in Southern California are doing right now. Literally took 6 zone captures and 3 swarm quit and one switched to faceless.
  16. Are you kidding me?

    Everybody thought trampoline was trolling... He wasn't.. And that was much harder to believe than this is.
  17. Hello world!

    Seichan lasted exactly a month this game, and quit right when I attacked her. Accusing me of being a pay to win when I haven't spent a dime on the game.
  18. Buying Zones...

    That does sound good actually, repost in feature requests. I would check to see if it has been posted before though.
  19. "Hello, just visiting for a week. I will be taking the small zones for zone capture points, and they will be easy to take back once I leave." Sent this to a legion player. He replied by calling me a moron, and then many other names in the conversation that ensued. Name calling is bad. I implore you to watch this... http://m.youtube.com/index?&desktop_uri=%2F#/watch?v=ltun92DfnPY Watch the whole thing.
  20. So what happens when a faction takes over?

    I say that's your decision, one of the options you have once you reach that certain point of domination we are talking about. Well there ya go giggles, I bet you didn't expect this type of feedback haha. Anyways, gl against AZ team, they are a machine.
  21. So what happens when a faction takes over?

    We send recruitment messages to everybody, and if you managed to grab any zones its because we are dealing with other people, since there isn't exactly a scarcity of players, and the legion 90% of the time attack us...you're somewhere in SoCal but I haven't spotted a zone of yours yet, probably inside of that hive in east LA somewhere lol, I'm too lazy to look up where Lemoore is. And strateg1st, you work to delete the opposition, and then you're done. Of course others like butterball may disagree with me on this, but I'm going to assume he's not going to be in the position that the AZ swarm are in for quite a while, so it's easy to claim such things. And I wasn't comparing the game to real life, I don't look for a reason to end my life lol...I don't see how you could've made that connection.. And yes chocolate cake is a great reward, I agree.
  22. So what happens when a faction takes over?

    So you hold off on attacking so that you have more targets later on? That's like running a mile to lose some weight and then coming home to eat a large slice of chocolate cake. There is nothing to gain from that way of thinking. You accomplish the game's goal, qonqr, and then you move on from the game. There isn't any point in stalling the inevitable, which is: you will find a reason to stop playing the game eventually.
  23. So what happens when a faction takes over?

    The goal is to qonqr. They understand this and work towards that goal. Giving themselves obstacles is...insanity..for lack of a better word. Always having an even fight is pointless. Progress is the key objective, not a stalemate. The swarm players that switched understand this as well, and they perhaps aren't as patient as yourself. So are you willing to continue fighting until you outlast them all? Or will you decide you want to stop once you are the dominating force...because then you won't have competition am I right? So I think what you are really asking is, what's the point in playing a game where nobody will really ever actually win. My answer to that is..there is none. Enjoy qonqr my fellow hamster hahaha.
  24. So what happens when a faction takes over?

    Go AZ team, I witnessed the events that got the swarm to switch. The teamwork was enticing haha.