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  1. new players look here.

    That'll work.
  2. Factions and Leaders

    I think Prometheus just wants to look like a robot. It is completely understandable.
  3. I QONQR'd Sapulpa, Oklahoma

    Ah haha good one. How many cubes did it take to customize it like that? O_O
  4. Harro Everyone!

    I don't wanna go home.. Welcome to the game....
  5. I QONQR'd Sapulpa, Oklahoma

    I'm pretty sure those tanks and guns you got there are illegal to use for qonqring purposes sir, I'm going to have to report you to the devs, good luck to you bud
  6. Happy Birthday Silver!!

    Happy birthday
  7. Qonqr Meme's!

    Ah, I figured out a way to get the picture to appear so people won't just skip over it thinking it isn't worth their time. Don't switch factions.
  8. Faceless Poster

    Great Job! I think the part that needs work is the faceless flame, I think the green eyes and mouth are appropriate because it matches Prometheus.
  9. I quit.

    Haha I wish you were faceless seichan.
  10. I quit.

    I said he was DONE, DONE doesn't mean unable to handle... Please think before posting something, what I've seen you post so far has just been you bashing on him when you know nothing man...just stop posting nonsense... Nobody was trying to tell you that, and anybody who has read all these posts is wondering, as I am, where in the world that idea came from... I had to edit this a few times just to avoid sounding really mean.
  11. I quit.

    Yes, I never said that trampoline had a problem with the game, that is a complete misread of my post.
  12. Yes I think there is a mix up between legion and swarm.
  13. Save the Nanobots!

    I tried several times to login with the same credentials used for the forums on both my computer and my phone, and it wouldn't work. So I assumed I had to go to register, which gave me an error, once again on both devices Edit: Ok I got in but the error with registration is still going to be a problem. Plus a little bit at the bottom that says: Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:4.0.30319.18045
  14. "Anger gives motivation without purpose." -Master Yi

  15. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    When you find out that a large part of your competition has quit and you sit there staring at your phone for a few hours trying to figure out if its true.And then you are almost relieved that the competition has come back due to the nightmare of having nobody to compete with.
  16. Scope Overheating Issues

    That just means you were really in heat level 2, and it hadn't updated you completely until you reopened the app.
  17. I quit.

    That is not why he quit i believe. It's not him giving up, its more of him being done with the game.
  18. Are Seekers Worth their Worth

    Seekers are used for making sure that the enemy cannot just stack defense inside your zone. Without seekers, the only other solution would be to send offensive bots into your own zone, which have worse shields than seekers.
  19. Hey, just asking a favor of you, could you tell me the price of my head? I am genuinely curious, and would be delighted to know. Anyways, for anybody else reading this, the preceding message to my permanent demise, hahaha, goes as such: (My apologies, for I cannot screenshot on the Nokia 710, or 20, idk which one..) Supertrampoline: "When you wake up tomorrow, you shall no longer be on the top 50 leader board. Hope it was worth it." My Reply: "Haha ok, I will continue to play the game regardless. Thanks for the heads up though, it will help me cope with the pain " I love how the swarm always let us know things, it shows they care hahaha. Btw Mr. Tweed, I liked your song Fancy Dance on your soundcloud, it's really cool. Looking forward to harassing you, through nanobot attacks of course, far into the indefinite future, or until your wallet breaks. -Desh
  20. Hey supertrampoline read this, thanks.

    Lol... I had a suspicion you were a league player when i saw cool story brah yesterday..
  21. Hey supertrampoline read this, thanks.

    Lol ok then. Btw, go look at the I quit thread trampoline made, there's a guy that you were talking about. I'm sure you can see he's being a jerk.
  22. Hey supertrampoline read this, thanks.

    Here is the troll. Real deck was a double reference to logic and your username/profile pic.
  23. Hey supertrampoline read this, thanks.

    If accusations go unchallenged they begin to become true in the minds of others, its just fact. So don't play the competition card, stick to a real deck. And I agree, he will be missed. If he is not trolling that is.
  24. Hey supertrampoline read this, thanks.

    Might as well tell trampoline that he should think before sending me a message like that, to help him avoid the random circumstances that might ensue afterward. I enjoyed receiving the message from him. And it is not debatable, that he sent the message to phase me, so I wanted to send him a message back to show him I wasn't phased, more likely the opposite of phased, and to see what sort of reaction I could get out of him in the process. I essentially did what he did to me but in a friendlier way.