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  1. Hey supertrampoline read this, thanks.

    Nobody will call him a coward for telling me in advance that I'm going down, so I assume you are talking about him posting that he quit, which is his decision not mine, and if anyone messages him like that, then they are in the wrong, not me. I will not assume responsibility for the reactions of others to supertrampoline's possible reaction to a friendly jab that I made. That would be ridiculous.
  2. Hey supertrampoline read this, thanks.

    There's a difference between making someone hate the game and getting them to quit, if you could enlighten me about how I could've possibly said anything that would make someone want to stop playing or hate the game, I would be grateful of the knowledge. Clearly I wasn't frustrated at the message btw, which is something else that I had forgot to mention, since you claim I posted this out of frustration. Omg acesx, you are just making things up now dude.. I have always been friendly to trampoline, congratulating him on having the highest bot kill count in the top 50 leaderboards for the U.S. telling him I was just playing the game, not aiming to make him angry, when we hit him last month and he sent all of us a Jay Z reference about him not being mad You are being absurd.
  3. I quit.

    Are you saying that to Trampoline? He's dealt with more than you ever have or will deal with throughout all the time you will ever play this game I assure you. Quit being a little kid, calling people pansies, even though you have no idea what their situation is and what they've had to deal with. 10 of you wouldn't be able to handle what he's dealt with. Go away.
  4. I quit.

    Also he sent this message to a few players in SoCal.
  5. I quit.

    Well Turk, he said he'd take me out of the top 50 last night, and he hasn't even touched me. Haven't seen any action from him today yet. Maybe you're right, but he doesn't seem to be the type of person to go back on a statement like the one he gave me.
  6. Hey supertrampoline read this, thanks.

    Acesx, my post was a friendly jab, I don't know how you could possibly miss that. I'm really irritated that you'd even suggest otherwise. You say you get friendly jabs all the time, idk if you're referring to what super sent me, which I can handle, because im not the little boy who cries harassment, but I wanted to reply with a friendly jab. I want to get a reply so I can argue with you about the specifics that define harassment and friendly jab, I am confident that what I did was appropriate.Also, the smiley faces are to set the tone of specific phrases that could be deemed as spiteful or sarcastic in a different context.
  7. Hey supertrampoline read this, thanks.

    Dude, I'm not harassing him lol... I meant everything I put in the message, none of it was spiteful.. I don't see how you could see this as harassment, I put it in a message for entertainment lol. I'm normally not inclined to judge but seriously dude, go look up harassment, and stop pointing it at anybody who posts a pm and makes jokes about it. That being said, are you serious trampoline? You'd like to quit the game now? Did somebody say something? I haven't sent anything mean, and we didn't hit you very hard recently, so I'm really confused. I do not, regardless of what it would do, want to make a player that loves the game so much to just quit, I don't want to feel like I did something wrong man. This message was just a friendly jab, a real friendly jab, the likes of which some people need to learn about.
  8. I quit.

    Are you serious man? Why would you quit?
  9. Hey supertrampoline read this, thanks.

    Well, from what I have experienced, the swarm in my area do so, and it's not exactly an insult haha, please don't take it as such.
  10. Hi my name is super tramp

    It's funny when someone gloats about something like that, you'd think that they'd know that the only way this could be accomplished is through a large sum of money haha, and that therefore there is nothing to brag about, due to the lack of any real skill involved. I wouldn't even admit that it took me that long had I done the same thing. We didn't make fun of trampoline when we all attacked him shortly afterward and knocked out 1.5 mil of his bots and took a few of his zones, we knew that we weren't in position to poke fun, since it took a group effort to do the damage. It really is him just trying to irritate I believe, otherwise he wouldn't have given the amount of time it took, a way of gauging the difficulty of the zone capture, followed by pointing out it was one of his important zones. It does seem inappropriate in my opinion. And less a friendly jab than a way of getting quickness to respond in a way that would give him satisfaction, specifically anger. How would you like it if a guy spent $100 dollars or so to take a zone of yours and then rubbed the fact that he can do it so easily in your face? What do you think the goal of the message would be? Surely you are mature enough to handle it without having a fit , as quickness was mature enough, but there is no denying it was spiteful, if hidden by what seemed to be "friendly jabs". This goes for any player who spends money, from any faction. I am not biased.
  11. QONQR - ideas for heavy improvements

    I think you should add specifics, and then put them in the feature request section.
  12. I'm new to the Legion in Kerrville, TX.

    Lol, its your decision man, play a game that involves less fighting by switching, or take a long time to get work done in the area. Only choices you have. :/
  13. Plasma is a long range attack?

    It just says ranged attack, as they all are, on the windows phone version, does it say something different on the IOS?
  14. QONQR Rules Everything Around Me

    Sooo, QREAM?
  15. I'm not mean to you though haha, and it's not like you don't do the same Somebody has to make sure you continue to fund the game haha. I'm doing the game a favor by helping push its development through your money
  16. I wasn't XD I hope it did not appear that way. I was essentially agreeing with him, saying that lying is not something that should be done, that it should be through kindness that you get somebody to switch factions.
  17. Qonqr Meme's!

    Hahahaha good one. You're right it is the cool guy, or nice guy meme, it was used more like Bad Luck Brian there.
  18. Hahaha, we do the opposite of that in California, I tell people that we would love to communicate with them and have them as our buddies in the area. The more players the better, period. No need to lie to get people to join, its all about being as nice as possible
  19. So as long as I have internet connection and some cubes, I can make zones out in the ocean? Brilliant,
  20. QONQR logo icons

    It still doesn't look right to me, idk haha, maybe im just weird. They look great though.
  21. QONQR logo icons

    I think the faceless flame needs to be moved a tiny bit to the left.
  22. How much have you spent on Qubes?

    I was always curious trampoline, thanks for telling me.
  23. Windows marketplace

    Somebody posted about the game as a youtube comment, and i was like meh, what the heck. Lesson learned, always click game links randomly posted on videos.
  24. problem with a player

    That's so pathetic lol, is it Paris you are fighting for? That would make more sense to me.
  25. Qonqr Meme's!

    http://global3.memecdn.com/faction-switcher_o_1859925.webp This one is too big to upload even when i try to make it real small. I think its real funny, give it a look. I'm having too much fun doing this.