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  1. Anyone willing to take a stab at flash creative?

    I think you should insert captions like "Play For Free", "Qonqr other players", "Fight Realtime to capture zones in Real places" something along those lines, great job. I think the "Play for free" part should absolutely be in there, every other ad includes that piece of info.
  2. To the Faceless of Orange County:

    I noticed Boudica began stacking quickly after you were knocked out of #1 lol. She wants to stay there XD
  3. Qonqr Meme's!

    Babies are funny.
  4. Flash QONQR Game for poor Android users :)

    I will.
  5. Game Promotion Items Index

    Somebody should make qonqr themes for each faction for google chrome.
  6. Flash QONQR Game for poor Android users :)

    Hey, great job! Did you use actionscript 3? I am currently learning it right now and any tips that you have when writing it, like for scale and such, would be helpful.