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  1. Faceless - Tasmania, Australia

    Welcome! Keep on whacking at that Swarm base
  2. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    When your family groans after you open QONQR and the music starts playing
  3. I got Alcatraz!

    Awesome! I went on a trip to SF, while checking Facebook, I saw that they added Alcatraz. By the time I got close enough, Faceless had already set up a bit and I could barely dent it by myself. I checked that afternoon and BAM, I saw that Legion had qonqred! Major props to you sir *pats your back*
  4. Double zones - Guide?

    What you're talking about is different. If you can see the three zones distinctly, then they aren't double zones (or triple zones). It's completely normal for a town to have multiple zones. Heck, urban towns have dozens of zones. Double zones are just when two zones are practically stacked on top on each other. You don't have to worry about the three zones in your town being merged if they're a good distance apart.
  5. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    When you, for the first time, actually want to get out of your bed and house and go out of town because you ran out of zones to take over and put bases in
  6. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    When you finally understand the location of all the cities in your region because of QONQR
  7. New in the Bay Area

    Thanks for the welcomes I'm glad that I'm well away from that player, haha
  8. New in the Bay Area

    *shakes hands* Nice to meet ya Just joined a few days back and decided I loved this game enough to make a forum account and start hovering around I'm located around the Bay Area in CA, about 50 miles east of San Fran, slowly but surely expanding my range and trying to knock out as many zones as I can from a rural area
  9. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    When the first thing you do after school is check to make sure your zones haven't been taken over