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  1. Goodbye, from ProteanCarnage.

    I wasn't sure if a guy who quits the game should make a post about it. i ultimately decided to do so, and unlike supertramp, I wont be coming back. mostly I posted to just say why, so that maybe people can relate to my issues and possibly they can be worked on to prevent further loss of long term players. I started playing the game in march and it has had me hooked ever since. I was hopeful for new experiences and the for the most part I did. However it was only the social aspect of the game that kept me hooked. As the experiences continued I realized that they became less unique and more repetitive. They attack, I attack back. I take a zone with a nano, they take it back with nanos. Nothing truly kept the game unique, with no incentive to make different decisions. No true goals except for meaningless awards and pointless leader boards that showed distance from other players rather than skill level. My first encounter with support@qonqr ended horrible as well, being blamed for the fact that I deployed on Christmas UST 13 times, while only have deployed at 830 local time Christmas eve. I do not follow twitter nor Facebook, and have not been as active on forums. The messaging system which you all know is unreliable at the best of times did not show I had a new message which qonqr had broadcast. I assumed that they would take understanding as I am a loyal player and did not launch for the 24 hours in my time as the award specifies. I feel as if the needs of continuous players are being ignored. We need new gripping things to keep us involved in qonqr other than web comics, we need to know that we are important in the game. These requests have been asked for REPEATEDLY and IGNORED. I am not quite sure about you, but when I start to feel like a number rather than a player, its GAME OVER.
  2. Forced to Give up Phone!!!

    Yeah android is a mess of a platform.. I would go with ios before android. Winmo is where its at.
  3. forum questions

    Useless. All of it.
  4. Add to this song(Faceless)

    Tis the season to steal legion bases falalalalalala Lala Lala
  5. Command center?

    It makes sense for some, not as useful for rural areas though because of its low zone viewing capabilities.
  6. Windows Phone 1.17 Update released

    Nobody **** about the ads? Just another thing to ruin the gameplay experience for new players. Not only that, but if we uninstall the app, we are expected to pay again for the privilege to not see the ads.
  7. Bigotry and Intolerance has no place in Qonqr

    I just learn to hate everybody. That way I'm not singling anyone out.
  8. The Android Effect

    Android is just too open of a system. The game must be made on multiple different standards and hardware builds.. In my opinion, the android ecosystem is a mess, allowed to run free and open to developers to create access to anything, allowing cheaters to do the same.
  9. faceless in texas

    Nope. Not one. Come to swarm
  10. I'm back (sort of)

    So are you poopalew. You have to be.
  11. Censorship goes a bit too far sometimes..

    By the way, the word is bu(TT). How bad is that. Even ned Flanders can say ****.
  12. Censorship goes a bit too far sometimes..

    I told a guy once I was gonna kick his ****. Needless to say, **** is offensive and I shouldn't have said it because it was starred.
  13. New Faceless in PA

    Yep hope your find some good allies to fight with! Welcome to qonqr!

    Its a very sarcastic and whimsical place full of wonder and rhyme. like 4chan with adhd