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  1. Milestones

    Faceless News Network would like to announce that Fortress Redfern now has 20 000 000 nanobots. Exactly.
  2. Milestones

    A great day for Faceless Australia! Today, my bot count exceeded the population of Australia! > On 1 February 2013 at 08:14:50 AM (Canberra time), the resident population of Australia is projected to be: 22,905,424 (Coincidentally, the number of roasted crooks in the local Coles is the same number) We have a chicken for every bot! And a bot for every Aussie. We will control.
  3. Richin109 removed from #1 US spot

    My home base is now over 18 million. Please visit. But my goal is to have 23 million bots all up - one for every person in Australia (predicted population by May) A chicken in every pot, every person their own bot.
  4. i dont get it

    But Risk has the sense of neighbouring zones, and locality of forces. I see it as a flaw in Qonqr that every cell is independent, and has no effect on any other cell. A bot army in a cell cannot attack another cell. Cells cannot block attacks from passing them. I expect that the game will evolve. It's hard to balance game play when there are so many variables in the players: - number in an area - levels - continuous vs daily Plus you want the location of a player to be significant, but still allow action-at-a-distance. I'm still playing because I want to see how Qonqr will develop.
  5. Truce, in truth. Truth is beauty, and beauty - love. Love is war. So pass the rest of the ham and the nano-missiles, and sit back for the firecrackers.
  6. No. You can't hold zones at 250 km. Especially not against a local player. But we did wipe out an entire territory, and turn its leaderboard completely purple. That was worth it. Why don't you try from Victoria? We can play Pass the Capital. Faceless: 1 Swarm: 0 Legion: to be trampled by NSW or Vic.
  7. Windows 8 Command Center

    Congratulations! Looking forward to trying this, and the new players it will bring.
  8. We smashed Canberra into the Mayan Apocalypse. No point in doing it again just yet. We were just picking through the rubble, looking for Legion intelligence. Nope. No intelligence in Legion.
  9. Divert

    Usually there is one faction member who owns the zone. They have usually invested in the big ticket items, like Galvanisers, to defend the zone. Unfortunately, these items also seem to attract the attention of attackers. So if you chuck in a divert, that's good! Your other team mates will take some heat a little earlier, and help out. In the big grind to take down your million-bot zone, you want to spread the force of the attackers as much as possible. Those support units are juicy, and once they start to take damage, you're going down in flames. I think offence has a slight advantage. Everything else being equal (level, determination, wifi connection) the attacker can wear you down. Get more people in defence, make a counter attack, or just settle in for the siege.
  10. Milestones

    Just reached my Faceless DeathStar milestone: 10 000 000 bots. Had to let other bases go to ruin while concentrating on just one. Now I have to give the Swarm a bit of love, and remind them just whose city this is.
  11. Milestones

    My achievement: - I now have a '9' as the last digit of my Qredit balance. My original goal was to accumulate 1 000 000 qredits. But I was thwarted when the balance maxed out at 999 999. But I still have the consolation prize of the '9'. I also reached the mega-bot level in my home cell, OnyxShard. I had to solve the diophantine equation, and deploy just the right combination of formations, because I wanted exactly 1 000 000 bots. Looked great. Didn't last long.
  12. Run

    Don't stop running. Don't look back. Prometheus is grinning. ... I almost didn't see it. I should've been so lucky. Perhaps I burned one too many firewalls. Perhaps I pwned the the wrong file. But I should have know better than "cat qonqr" Filesystems are all the same. The more secure they are, the less they change. Smaller footprint, eh? So when I found /dev/qonqr, I had to look again. qrw-rw-rw- 1 root wheel 17, 0 19 Jan 2038 /dev/qonqr It's not often you find a 'q' device. From the future. I could have walked away at that point. I could have reset the cron table, smoothed the security log, loosed the mach queue... Who am I kidding? Once I had seen qonqr, Prometheus had seen me. My one-way private key tunnel didn't slow it down at all. Qonqr surfed into my system on the back of an ack. I recognised the bootstrap loader of the Universal Turing Machine, but before I could break the tape, qonqr had my terminal, my machine, and my entire bot network. And Prometheus had me. "All your base are belong to us" He has a way with words. My screen didn't have a chance. Qonqr had seeded a Garden-of-Eden pixel automata in the terminal. Unicode fell to the untrammelled tumolt of wild pseudo-code, as sprites broke free of the z-buffer and liquid crystal ran free. I fell back in horror from the workstation. A writhing, sickly mass of unbounded dimensions floundered in blind hunger, groaning and gawping and yawning for... me. "This way. I am your only hope" A shadowy figure stood beside me, face hidden by a cowl, arms gesturing widely, inscribing logograms of warding; a lambda calculus of eldritch computation. The anonymous functors glowed brightly as atomic bindings engaged and constrained Qonqr. "I am Prometheus" His voice echoed deeped in my head, triggering my cochlear implant directly. I recognised the familiar timbre of sub-synthesised text, but with an emotional markup. He was enjoying himself. "Qonqr is mine. Sunday fears it, Nagumo loves it. But Faceless will control it." Prometheus was programming the very aether, blocking and burying Qonqr in an impenetrable wall of NP constraints. "I can't hold Qonqr yet, but you are one of us now, one of the Unheralded, one of the Faceless." And he turned to look at me, and I gazed into the terrible emptiness of his hood, a mask of plasma grid. From the ruins of my terminal, Qonqr flared in a last, desparate bid to eclipse Prometheus. A swarm of fractal infinitesimals forced a loose geometry, and burst through the unguarded parallel. Prometheus was thrown sideways to the ground. His face lit up with pixelled delight at the contest. ; ) "Run"