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  1. Faceless, Tucson, Az

    Where you located in Tucson? We have it pretty well fortified.
  2. ****, even classy in his reply. Truly a one of a kind qonqrer.
  3. Oh boo hoo. Here goes another post about how much Legion and swarm get whooped. You know how I know? The crying. The only factions that cry are Legion and swarm. You know the old saying, "if you can't beat em, join em". Hahaha Anyway, keep on trying guys. Your salty tears taste delicious. Lmao. This is classic. "omg someone please stop this man from playing the game". Babies.
  4. Memo to Swegion...

    Ok so faceless ran Atlantis at first. We are the best, hands down. Does that mean we will always win? Not at all. Which brings me to my next point, Legion won, legitimately twice, in some of the best battles ever. Why? Because they just played, battled faceless and swarm evenly, made it a three way fight. So why would they decide to suck swarm off and be their bi**h again? The only ones from Legion who know are too busy on their knees to even care, so my advice to the rest, fight your own battles, you'd be surprised how good you are at it. Hopefully you want to actually represent for yourselves instead of being swarm bi**hes. Thank you for your time. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.
  5. Force them to join the nightswatch to serve upon the wall!
  6. My First Atlantis

    Pffft, legion. What do you know?
  7. Great month of Atlantis

    All I want to say, is this was a great win for us. Not only just because it, yet again, came down to the wire, but mainly because the top faceless really didn't participate or really lead. This was mostly done by the next generation of faceless. Lead by Zartec. With major contributions from Reduex, RepsaJ, Marhijin(all the NL faceless really) and so many more. Kudos to all the new faceless, keeping the purple game strong. Also, great showing again from Legion. Another last second battle. I hope these battles continue to go down to the last second. On a side note, this is the first atlantis we won and I didn't buy a single cube. That's progress.
  8. Pyongyang: My Atlantis Nomination

    Best quote ever. But it is a good idea overall.
  9. What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    Atlantis Prime should be the only "Elite" zone.
  10. What's in a name?

    On to me, as most have already discovered my name comes from Bleach. When the show first started, I watched the subbed version weekly and when Ichigo got to soul society, I thought Shinigamis were the coolest thing ever. So I decided to put that into my online "handles". When I started to play fps like call of duty and halo hardbody, I used it to mean I bring death to all who come at me. It worked in so many ways. My real name is Andre, everyone calls me Dre, hence the dre at the end. So i have been shinigamidre for years and probably will continue to be. Its gotten so bad that if I can't use that name, i sit there for like 20 minutes trying to find an alternate. Many of my friends have me saved in their cell phones as shinigamidre too.
  11. What's in a name?

    This definitely gave some insight into a lot of you guys. This is good. Us talking like normal people without all the negativity.
  12. atlantis

    I loved how Swarm had 0 zones. That fact alone, besides our victory, made it all worthwhile. Also, respect to Legion for a good hard fought battle.
  13. Calling upon to Attend a rare event

    I just wanted my top launchers achievement
  14. Sore Losing?

    I just wanna say, I learned how to play this game by killing 100M plus swarm bots. I can also cube with the best of them. But overall we faceless are more organized than the other two factions. I kind of forgot the point I was trying to make because I'm a little drunk, so faceless ftw!
  15. Sore Losing?

    Why was my name brought up? I'm not even popular.