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  1. Awesome QONQR Advertisement

    Well due to the idiocy of Legionnaires, I became a level 70 after a couple days and am well on my way to 100. Level 100 doesn't mean anything. It's all in how you play. Ask the three 100's who have no zones left because of this "little 40". They don't band together at all. And my phone's been broken for a week. The only problem I have right now is a Swarm who keeps obviously buying bot and energy refreshes (level thirty, can drop 50k bots in ten minutes, really quite obvious) who seems to have some preeeetty deep pockets. Got me while I was down. But I shall rise again and such and whatnot and diddlydoop.
  2. Factions and Leaders

    Ok, so here's the thing; conspiracy theory time. What if; QONQR doesn't exist. It's a dud. Created by Faceless to **** people off? As Commander said, it would be easy to predict that humans would fight over it. Faceless, as mentioned, is like QONQR's Anonymous. As we all hopefully know, Anonymous likes to screw with people while delivering their own, special brand of justice. Therefore, QONQR could have been released for a number of reasons that Faceless could have. Seeing as there are so many secrets and this world hasn't been explained whatsoever save for bio's and some other things I may not have stumbled upon that could very well make me look like an idiot, Faceless could be exacting revenge on somebody, most likely either Sunday or that Swarm girl (apologies, cannot seem to recall her name), again for a number of reasons. As I said, I haven't read a whole lot of material, but the idea of Faceless creating QONQR to annoy another organization or specific person seems more plausible than somebody in the future creating it and then sending it back in time to inspire somebody to re-create it. This game is, for the most part, based on the real world, so everything has to be thought about in such a way. We haven't bent the rules of reality enough to warrant time travel, even for AI. Then again, I could just be making myself look stupid. If so, please keep in mind that I am lazy and haven't done my research. Just an idea.
  3. Awesome QONQR Advertisement

    Being a QONQR newborn (of MAYBE a week) I can tell you that the Legion is doomed. I am one of two Faceless in my area. The other is useless. He barricades the same zone, every single day. There are four, five, six level 100 legionnaires in the area. I've destroyed their entire area. Only one has done ANYTHING. And thanks to him I am now a level 40 and I control his things too. What Swarm fails to realize is that their numbers are their downfall. We don't need to band together with you. It would be nice, but you must realize that even if the Legion have more physical players, on the United States bot leader board, three out of the top five are Faceless. I'm not trying to start a flame war, I just don't like sucking up to other alliances. You are my enemy. You look at me wrong and I'm running you over.
  4. The Forgotten

    The Forgotten I forget exactly how it happened. Things changed quickly. I was on the bus, **** around with my phone one day. Searching for new games because I was bored and all of my friends are morons. I searched and searched - and then something caught my eye. A game kept flittering to the bottom of the list. Every time I would scroll down, I could see a Q and what looked like an O, and then it would zip down below my view. I spent a good ten minutes desperately trying to catch the program, but it refused to come to me. Deciding it was just a phone game and not worth my time or frustration, I let it go. I pressed the home button, and the entire screen went black. "What just happened?" I had said. It seemed like such a normal question. My phone was on the fritz again, for sure. It wasn't the first time. Oh well. Some green squares flashed to life on my screen. "Why are my live tiles showing up green? My theme is black and blue!" Again, software problems. Happens all the time. The tiles spread into a face. I was shocked and confused, neither of which were emotions I was very used to. I always knew what was going on. My phone started to buzz, and then it went black again. Several seconds later, (or minutes, I can never be too sure nowadays) a video opened up. I turned the smart phone sideways and looked at the video. A masculine-looking figure wearing a mask was moving around, gesturing to things, holding up phones and pointing at them, but I heard nothing. For several minutes the silent video rolled on. It was awkward, to say the least. As the video came to an end, I realized why there was no sound; in my shock, I had forgotten to turn it on. I slammed the button, pumping it up to maximum volume. "...that you have been briefed, this video will automatically delete itself. Make contact with the wire, tell them Prometheus sent you." The file closed, and my phone returned to normal, albeit with a theme change, from black and blue to black and purple. One app remained; something called QONQR. I opened it up and saw a map; I quickly realized it was a map of my area. However, there were small shapes everywhere, all different colors. Green, red, and purple (which I immediately recognized as friendly). One green shape stood in a mass of reds; purples were scattered around. I had work to do. Over several weeks I learned what I could, despite my failure in the simplest task; I was now a part of the Faceless, who wanted to capture an AI named QONQR, but the Legion, the Reds, in their ignorance, simply wanted to destroy it, and the Swarm, the Greens, basically wanted to give it away. They saw QONQR as an enemy or a database. I saw a tool. "The Legion must be quite lazy," I thought. Having only recently joined the war, within a three day span I pillaged and destroyed every last territory, obliterating hundreds of thousands of Legion nanobots. Not an ally in sight, no end near. They rarely retaliated. I made it a point to leave the Swarm alone. I had sympathy for them, whoever it was. They were alone, entirely. No progress and a massive, evil enemy awaiting them. The other reason, of course, was the fact that I couldn't possibly destroy four billion nanobots alone, but that's beside the point. The Legion weren't happy. At all. Four operatives struck back at me, pushing me back to my final base, my land. Suddenly, I thought of Red Dawn. It fit perfectly. To them, this was just another zone, another plot to control. To me, this was my home. I laid dormant for weeks. I did nothing but collect the income from my bases and observe. The Legionnaires must have thought I gave up. I was like a wolf, hiding in it's den because of an injury. People tend to forget that wounds heal. Months passed. My scope - what I've been told to call what used to be my phone - was, to put it simply, overpowered. I had purchased every available upgrade. The war took two days. I drove them out of my home, into their land, and decimated their homes. The Legion never came back. The Faceless never appeared. But through it all, that single Swarm hive has grown. I feel threatened by it every day. We've never spoken. It's operator is quite reclusive and has ignored my attempts to make contact. We seem to have an uneasy agreement. We may be of two different factions and opinions, but we both know that if the Legion ever comes back, we can't be wrapped up in killing each other. So he has his home, and I have mine. Maybe not the most thrilling end to my story; it isn't quite the end, of course, but it serves a purpose. Sometimes you need to let your enemies live. Not so that they help you later, just so if the idiots come back, they see him as a bigger target. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. He is my bait.