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  1. Happy Birthday QONQR

    Gotta love the announcement of having a special 8k exchange rate for qonqr's birthday, then **** everyone the next day by making it 9k, though.
  2. Stoppable Force

    Yes, faceless was proud of winning last time, but after seeing that the reward was B.S., many of us said screw it, I'm not playing this time around. You really think you would have taken almost every base if we actually cared? We cared last time and got nothing for it...again...so why would we continue to care in the slightest bit? Not to mention we were too busy, at least on the east coast, staging possibly the largest op in qonqr history against swarm...
  3. An eternal Qonqr dilemma

    That happens all the time in CT. Very active state and we always have huge battles over pointless zones.
  4. Winning Atlantis

    Lluuf hit the nail on the head with this last post. I belong to the group on the US East Coast that helped plan and takeover the original Atlantis. I personally contacted and talked with over 200 players from around the world to help with the operation. Do you think that was easy? I know a lot of people said we just cubed our way to a win, but that was not even close to accurate. I had also stacked quite a bit (though not as much as others). Still, I played a big role in the way we took and kept Atlantis. A few weeks later, I, along with many other faceless, saw all that time and work disappear in the blink of an eye. So, when the new Atlantis was announced, all I could think was, "Why in the world would I want to do that again?" That single act of sinking the first Atlantis made me no longer trust the devs, and convinced me that there was zero point in participating in the new Atlantis. I had fun with the first one, but if they were just going to keep sinking and destroying bots, what's the point? This is the reason I feel the change of rules in the middle of the game is unfair. Not because faceless didn't win, but because faceless DID win, only to see everything we did wasted. Frankly, I couldn't care less about whether I get the reward or not. I'm also not asking for a reward for the original Atlantis, because that would be hypocritical on my part. If a team wins the new Atlantis, then go ahead and give them the reward. But I know many people who didn't participate for the same exact reason as me. If anything, I care more about my bots than any reward. Maybe instead of sinking Atlantis every month, you could freeze it instead. That way, at least everyone who plays, whether they win or lose, gets to keep their bots to help them climb any world leaderboard they may be trying to climb.
  5. New Feature - Sync Lock

    As a member of the faceless, I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I agree with krytpo and his sarcastic remarks about how dumb this is. "Punishing families and rewarding cheaters, that's our motto."
  6. Faceless are having the same problems, and we have legion attacking us and can't do anything about it.
  7. Funniest Zone Names

    Right next to each other...Sodom and Gomorrah.
  8. Q & A Thread for Rookies

    Also, just came across this. Say I'm attacking a zone that has multiple enemies. Is there a way to choose who I attack first? Is it just random, or some kind of formula?
  9. Q & A Thread for Rookies

    Say I have a base or zone that I own, and I haven't looked at it for a while. Is there a way to see how many of each type of bot I have there without launching a deflection (or anything else for that matter)?