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  1. Greetings from the traveling Swarm

    Keep up the good work!
  2. SegmentFault // Chattanooga // Tennessee

    Good to hear!
  3. OnyxShard // Washington // United States

    Settle down there Daniel. Remember you're the one that decided to get up on a soapbox and proclaim an achievement that never happened. I'm glad we're not in your faction either, braggarts and glory hounds always make the worst kinds of soldiers...
  4. OnyxShard // Washington // United States

    "Part of enjoying a game is a little role-play. A new recruit talking up his achievements is perfectly in keeping with that." A little role playing must mean fudging what actually happened in your book. But hey, whoever let a little bit of reality get in the way of how we wish things really are in life right? Am I a bit of an ******* for pointing such things out, sure! OneMove and I have been playing the game for a good bit of time now and remember first encountering you a while ago, which made your claim of a week of play rather suspect in our minds. So when you decided to brag about it we decided to set the record straight.
  5. OnyxShard // Washington // United States

    darkiran - you have been solid, playing long and hard at the game; Onyx up top however was making claims that we know to be untrue because we were engaging with his units far more than his stated 10 days ago. It takes a good bit of time and work to make it to level 100 no matter how you do it, if Onyx made it there good for him. Just makes me wonder why he felt the need to brag about doing something he didn't do after the fact...
  6. OnyxShard // Washington // United States

    The game timestamps when a node is taken over, one of the earliest controlled nodes you took is timestamped with July 9th (Grapeview WA zone ID z2286738 taken 23:57:02 7/9/2012 if you want to get specific.) That doesn't include the multiple times previous to that where we wiped you clean with missile strikes and you had to start over. Next time just play the game instead of making claims of grandeur that you can't back up.
  7. OnyxShard // Washington // United States

    10 days? Not so much, you've been active in Olympia for well over a month at the very least.
  8. Lady_Luck - Greetings[Eastern Seattle//Faceless]

    Defense is a loosing prospect in QONQR, if you want to find out firsthand slap a couple hundred thousand units in a node and we'll erase them in half an hour. We had some fun one Sunday afternoon taking down a node outside of Olympia that had 1.2 million units in it, there just isn't a viable defense mechanism that can withstand a steady and concentrated attack. If you'll notice we just retook every node as well, it's not that difficult. OneMove is right, after a few days (well for us a few months) of constantly following nodes and being hyper vigilant with defense you reach a point that you don't care anymore. We can't level up anymore so there's little reason to constantly pursue the game beyond denying you the Hillsboro node (we guessed that was your home node due to the proximity of your initial forays into the game.)
  9. Swarm fortress NW (aka Portland)

    "Otherwise at present all windows phones have a programtic advantage over the iOS." How many times does that ever happen? I gotta hand it to the QONQR crew, they've given WP7 more love than most developers have so far and it's very much appreciated. I get notified if a node that I have "control" of is taken, but I have the rest of them turned off. For the most part I find it's more efficient to zoom out a couple levels on the map and just scan the area, some of the nodes names are random enough that I can't place them anyway (I couldn't place Patton or Kansas City OR on a map if I had a gun to my head.)
  10. Swarm fortress NW (aka Portland)

    "The fight for Hillsboro has been pretty heavy" I don't think many Oregonians would have thought those words would be uttered any time soon hahaha Hitting level 66 this quickly is impressive, with the recharge rate slowdown (and work obligations) it can be hard to consistently put out units on the map. I have to say that defense in the game is quite a bit more difficult than offense, it's hard to find a deployment mix that can stand up to any sort of sustained attack. We both us the WP7 version of the game and it appears to have an interface that's different than the iOS version. I'll have to check out my friend's iOS version (he has it loaded but doesn't play it) to see how they compare.
  11. Greetings from the world!

    Welcome fellow Swarm!
  12. Swarm fortress NW (aka Portland)

    It is fun to have someone local to spar with, it was getting expensive tossing missiles up at Seattle all the time. "Yes. An annoyance that you seem to be having problems keeping control of." Control can have many different meanings, have you noticed that you aren't able to ever build up a large amount of units on any of the nodes? With a game like this you can't prevent someone from taking over nodes here and there, too many spots manage with diminishing recharge rates. But we monitor what you're doing and where you're at so that any attempts to set up a permanent foothold are for naught. What can I say, we're aggressive like that.
  13. Swarm fortress NW (aka Portland)

    Reclaimed? You kinda have to lay claim to something originally to reclaim it in the future. Though semantics aside you're still just a very small fish in a rather large pond. When you can hold onto a node for more than a day you'll be making positive steps, in the meantime you're just an annoyance.
  14. Hi all! I play as sn0wslay3r and with the help of a friend of mine (JonnyOneMove) we've taken over most of Western Oregon and enjoy lobbing missiles north toward Seattle (much to the chagrin of the Faceless.) QONQR has been pretty fun over the past couple months but after hitting the level cap there isn't much left to do. I still check in regularly to collect base money and make sure the Faceless stay in their place (subjugated and complicit.)
  15. How did you hear about QONQR?

    I found QONQR from AppFlow on WP7 as well. I forwarded it to a couple gamer friends of mine as well and we having been bullying most of the Northwest with the Swarm ever since.