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  1. New guy from Canada

    Thanks again for the replies. A little drive around town help too !
  2. New guy from Canada

    Thanks for the reply... I will find a way
  3. New guy from Canada

    Wow... What i'm supposed to... Give up or switch camp... how fun
  4. New guy from Canada

    Hi ! New guy from Qu├ębec, Canada. Tried this game for now a week and I think i'm lucky... If I check the map it's red... All Legion... All around... I've sign with the Faceless but the guys all around me they are keeping me safe... Maybe their not playing often or just letting me level up... Beside I want to buy some Qredits/Cubes but keep dropping since i've sign up... All the way down for 1 cubes=3500 to today for 1500... I'm having fun with that game and want to invest in it but what's the refresh rate of the exchange rate?