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  1. What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    The problem I see with the zone is that it can be controlled through sheer numbers of players. Every time I deployed in the first hour of atlantis, there were always twice as many faceless as legion or swarm. Therefore I think each bot deployment into a zone should be adjusted by some factor that evens the playing field for each faction. Therefore if the world player distribution in each faction was 33.3% then no modification to bot deployment. But if say 50% of all players in the world are faceless and 25% in swarm and legion, then each faceless deployment would automatically be reduced by 50%, or something o that effect.
  2. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    Dr of Detroit, according to your economic plan, anything considered a "service" is a waste of money, that being things that aren't tangible that you pay for. Thus you should never tip your waiter, don't pay the cab driver, and super cuts should pay me for my haircut because I'm leaving with less than I came there with. Those are essentially the same as paying to own a dot on a fake map if it gives you satisfaction just like any other service.
  3. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    Here I am only offering my perspective and also attempting to put myself in the shoes of the other categories of people who play the game: non-cubers, less-cubers (people who buy few cubes), more-cubers (people who buy many cubes), and the developers. I have no solutions, but perhaps this will spur a solution in someone's mind or shortly illustrate why some proposed solutions may not work. The main reason people "cube" is to get an advantage over other people. If that advantage is taken way there will be no reason to cube. Any attempt to even the playing field between cubers and non cubers would make buying cubes irrelevant. Any way to make the gameplay balanced between 1 cuber and 1 non cuber would neglect the whole point of buying cubes. The developers must make money from the game in order to keep it going and improve upon it. So if we want the game to exist, there must be cubers to fund it. In a nutshell, cubers are basically funding one long kickstarter project that non cubers and less cubers benefit from for doing nothing to somewhat more than a non cuber. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that less cubers who buy only say 10-20 dollars of cubes are unimportant. I am sure Silver and the devs appreciate any and all cube purchases. Now having been a victim and knowing victims of cube rages, yea, it sucks, but again, the money they spend make it so the game can go on. I don't know a good solution to this, given the dichotomy above of trying to even a playing field between cubers and non cubers. From the posts above, I feel that the people most hurt by cubing are less-cubers. Less cubers feel robbed of their money because they bought cubes, and yet were out-cubed by "more-cubers". Again I don't really have a good solution, as a similar dichotomy arises. More-cubers buy more cubes to get an advantage over non and less cubers, and evening the playing field between less cubers and more cubers would again make cubes pointless. By wanting cubes stricken from the game, or the game more balanced with respect to cubes, you are taking away something from the very core of the game that it needs to sustain itself (and by sustain itself I mean paying the developers to keep making the game we love). Additionally, "dr of Detroit" (so mysterious), I find your response that silver is a scam artist disrespectful and out of line. Qonqr is not a scam, we are benefitted with cubes to do with what we please, and the devs are barely benefitted with money for their work, hardly a scam, it's a business. Are you going to complain that McDonald's is a scam because you bought a burger, they made money, and you were disappointed because the burger wasn't quite as nutritious as you thought it would be? You bought it and you knew exactly what you were getting yourself into, it's no secret that those burgers are not good for you. It's not like silver rigged anything in the game to buy cubes from your bank account without your consent, or rigged it so that when you bought cubes it took your money and you received no cubes in return. That sir (or doctor I should say) would be a scam. All in all, I hate the fact that people can basically just buy zones and completely destroy them, just like the rest of you, but I find it hard to imagine a reality where silver and the developers make this game for free from the bottom of their hearts. They need to make money just like everyone else.