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  1. Faceless Poster

    Very cool! I would change the green to a neon purple so that it still pops from the background but it doesn't give off the Swarm vibe (unless that was intentional subliminal messaging lol). It reminds me of images of Andross from Star Fox:
  2. Multi-Account Bonanza!

    Wow that's a popular name In case they get deleted: do not name your account "markcode"
  3. What's on my mind? My skull, duh!

  4. The Integrity of the Swarm

    True, but it also made people look like the bad guy of the situation when they had those profile pictures, and nobody wants to be that person. It's better to steer clear of anything that could lead to accusations of breaking the rules, especially when the Android version is released (because everyone knows how easy cheating is on an Android/Android emulator).
  5. Save the Nanobots!

    I think people buying from the portal would be willing to support the company anyway, seeing as they know QONQR gets a larger profit percentage when purchasing through the portal, and they want their purchases to be counted toward the goal even if they can't afford the larger packages. The real problem is that people would end up buying multiple smaller packages rather than one larger package.
  6. For the Swarm! - Phoenix, AZ, USA

    Good luck, and let me be the first to welcome you to the Green Team! You're in a pretty common boat, all alone, surrounded by Faceless xD Level yourself up QUICK, use lots of Zone Assaults for experience points.
  7. The Integrity of the Swarm

    Now that more of the story is out, the "joke" makes a little more sense, but as someone who even knows Ry6uy from the forums but doesn't really know the deal over in Michigan, I could only see what the picture said as what it meant, and the same would apply for new players - they'd just assume the pictures were serious and that behavior would be acceptable. The joke went a little too far.
  8. The Integrity of the Swarm

    Ry6uy, I'm sorry, but you're at fault here, not the faceless. In what way is he falsely accusing you if everything he said was true. Maybe you aren't cheating, but you're a high level player in an area where there are few swarm. New players WILL take your picture seriously, and having that picture makes people assume you condone cheating. It gives us a a bad name and makes people mad, I don't think it's at all appropriate to have that picture linked to your profile or the swarm.
  9. Save the Nanobots!

    If you don't need the cubes, buy for a lower level player in your area or for your recruits. There is an option to buy through your own account for other players, just enter their codename on the purchase screen.
  10. New Legion Chicago area

    Normally Chicagoland Swarm are down to make alliances, but Legion pretty much dominates Chicago most of the time. Still, I've got more grudge with the Faceless than any Legion, so send me a message on wire and I'll get you some help =)
  11. Cutting Down Defenses

    I'm in the middle of an offensive campaign against a foe to go unnamed, and I was wondering what the quickest way to cut through 5k hardened lattice and about 27k deflection. I want to take out the lattice first, but it seems that the deflection attracts all of my attacks. My scope is decently upgraded, and bots/energy are not an object, but time is of the essence. I'm only here for the weekend and I have to move on past this guy before I go. Any other general offensive strategies for dealing with large numbers of deflection would be appreciated, too! Thanks!