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  1. 3k exchange rate

    It is random, it just rounds up or down, instead of a rate of 3127, it will be 3k ECT.......its not perfect buuuut....day 4 ohhh yyyeeeaaaaa .....
  2. 3k exchange rate

    Is the best ever!!!!!! Just kidding, frustrated is all. Light bulb idea: 10k exchange rate for black Friday, make it happen devs also kidding (but crossing fingers as well)
  3. MrBizzy

    I'm in, I'll,spread the word in my area.
  4. Socialization in Qonqr

    Ohhhh snap
  5. Just a Gamer pic I'm proud of

    Hmmm, to much red in the pick for my tastes
  6. Pin to start

    But my windows phone advantage would be null in void, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! JK good idea
  7. Do yourselves a favor and sign up onto the forums and request access codes to your factions (or join faceless). Let us know where you are so that we can be of assistance!
  8. Faceless in jersey

    Don't listen to these guys, if your up for fighting there is plenty to be had, as you level up you gain increased range so you can attack further away. Get in touch with phony from NJ, he can fill you in on the happenings and day to day strategy. Oh and welcome to the faceless!!!!
  9. Taking A Break - I will be back

    Welcome back doc!
  10. Attention QONQR Agents

    Jaffey your words are dripping with sarcasm, want a hanky?
  11. New faceless Northern Arizona user

    Good to have you with us!
  12. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    Congrats tiomun!!!
  13. Attention Qonqr Agents

    This is the final countdown
  14. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    17,446,617. Thanks for doing this tiomun, awesome just awesome