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    Hahahahahaha "CT LEGION STYLE" We got style boys! You want to talk about style? Our style of communication? Our style of teamwork? Our style of no faction member left hanging? Its like a brotherhood dude, there's no style...we work well as a team and we dominated the area with the same starting point as everyone else....no? Did someone give us a handout on how to win? No...Saddle up and fight instead of coming in here and complaining about the enemy beating your a$$3s
  3. Game Breaking Success

    Change of attitude F3nr15?you igm me saying all you need is targets and don't need zones or bases. The state didn't turn red because everyone wants to win, it turned red due to good communication and teamwork. You can keep fighting, you can recruit players, you can reach out to other local swarm....Nothing changes the fact that you are the enemy...My job is to take control of and maintain zones that you try to acquire. That being said in sure I will see you shortly!
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