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  1. Props to East Coast Legion

    I just ordered 100 Legion beer drinking hats for the bus ride. LETS ROLL!!
  2. Props to East Coast Legion

    Lol, yah now I remember that guy! I completely missed that.
  3. Props to East Coast Legion

    / \ Huh? | | To answer you question RVCA, MACZ is legion now and was a big part of the takedown. These forums just don't reflect it yet.
  4. Props to East Coast Legion

    Please find these towers MMW-n-Friends has supposedly built up in the very very short time it took us to drop Dover. My Legion brothers and sisters will find great pleasure in dropping those 100k super awesome uber l337 swarm towers! Clearly they pose much more of a challenge than a paltry pathetic minuscule 31 million bot pile of green turds! Ta-Ta!
  5. Props to East Coast Legion

    Remy Martin launched with me all night long!
  6. Props to East Coast Legion

    Pew pew pew....tootles!
  7. The stars at night are big and bright!!!!! Deep in the heart of Texas! I learned that from watching Peewee Herman's big adventure.
  8. ??? @ Trustar...the game is called qonqr! Swarm in Belgium beat the game! Congrats you guys!now flip to legion and do the same thing again! I know you can do it!
  9. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    If a tree falls in a forest and noone is around to hear it, does the one hand clapping bob like an armless fisherman?
  10. Change For A Challenge

    Jaffey, I got cooties from deploying in your zones!!! Wait a minute that doesn't sound right!!! Got penicillin anyone??!!
  11. Change For A Challenge

    If you decide to join legion, send me an in game message. I can get you in touch with the proper channels for your area
  12. I don't post very often but something was brought to my attention today that I felt needed to be shared with the community so that it may help some other player(s) in the future think twice before making the same misguided mistake. A faceless player local to Rochester NY named Fishersoth decided to make derogatory comments about a member of swarms personal life choices which I won't repeat here. The comment was inappropriate and hurtful and has no place in qonqr. It is my hope that other faceless players from the NE will not come to the aid of the above mentioned faceless player as swarm and legion purge him from the Rochester area. If you hold hateful feelings in your heart about someone else's skin color, religion, sexual orientation, etc, keep them to yourself.
  13. New Blog Post: Big Changes: Please Read

    Can you post the emails??!!! Minus the cheaters email address and name of coarse, I need good bathroom reading material!!!
  14. MrBizzy

    The players local to him in his faction should build up a tower captured by MrBizzy. Stack it high, that way his name can live on in the game, or maybe the dev team can create a zone local to him names after him.