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  1. For goodness sakes, people...

    This is just a game???
  2. Change For A Challenge

    Don't listen to Makeric. He has cooties.
  3. Christmas Video Contest

  4. It's my first Holiday Season in Qonqr and I wanted to take a moment to appreciate all the qonqr agents involved in the North East. We work our scopes off for our factions day in and day out. I raise my glass to you all, and may you all turn purple by the new year Cheers. -Jaff
  5. to help newbie what based gameing thing

    The Judy Chop. It's "What What the need to know" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuigcXvcy1A Hope it helps.
  6. Haters gonna Hate

    Strat.. I am constantly giving my enemy the upper hand over myself in battle.... IGM's are EVIL! O.O
  7. Significance of Region leader

    I like the parties @ Chucky Cheese
  8. A New Legion Superpower

    Yes... like an organized surprise attack that wipes out millions of bots in an hour.. That gets everyone's attention
  9. A New Legion Superpower

    I think the post is a good message. Hard-work, faction loyalty... it pays. Personal alliances will be made and broken.. it is a normal occurrence... recruit, be a good leader, be ethical, and kick a** for your colors!
  10. Attention QONQR Agents

    I don't know what you're talking about Iron.
  11. Attention QONQR Agents

    Seems totally Legit
  12. New Recruit in Florida

    I'm still stuck on legion being the 'good guys' .... I guess Darth Vader was good once....
  13. PyRo4422

    Welcome to the fight friend. Indiana may be out of my range, but if you ever need anything you can always give me a shout.