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  1. United Nations of Qonqr

    I meant about me being swarm
  2. United Nations of Qonqr

    Why you so **** hurt Jeffe?
  3. GPF Meet Up

    Or you get the stripper pregnant. That usually catches up with you later though.
  4. What's in a name?

    I was abandoned as a baby at a Buddist monestary where they had all taken a vow of silence. At 5 years old I escaped. When i got to the closest town there was a circus, I was hungry so I snuck in and tried to steal some food. I got caught and because I had never learned to speak, I couldnt talk my way out of it. The head clown who was an elderly woman with a painted smile.... Ok so what really happened, back in the days of dial up connection, when hotmail was the only free email and chat rooms were new, I somehow ended up in a chat room. Turned one of the guys my age lived in the next town over, we met up and became best friends. I was the least witty of our group, so one day making a new email i decided on glorifiedbozo. I have never once had that handle/gamertag/whatever you want to call it be taken, so I just kept using it. When I started playing Qonqr I used just Bozo. Only game I havent used it in was WoW, my character was named FootballBat.
  5. GPF Meet Up

    So if we arent a moron or **** we cant go?